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Miki Nakao Last modified date:2019.09.08

Professor / Division of Molecular Bioscience / Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Miki Nakao, Tomonori Somamoto, The evolution of complement system functions and pathways in vertebrates. in THE EVOLUTION OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: A BALANCE BETWEEN CONSERVATION AND DIVERSITY, Elsevier, in press, 2015.08, An ancestral complement system is considered to be an opsonic system that seems a combination of the lectin and alternative pathways known in mammalian complement. The ancestral system equipped with lectin-like pattern-recognition molecule linked with specific proteases homologous to MASP and factor B, which cleave C3 into physiologically active forms with inflammatory and opsonic functions, as seen in primitive invertebrate species. In vertebrates, two rounds of whole-genome duplication have generated two additional reaction cascades, the classical and lytic pathway, providing jawed vertebrates with much more specific and efficient ability of pathogen elimination. A trace of molecular and functional evidence that represent a transient status from invertebrate prototypic complement to full equipped system can be found in extant jawless species such as lamprey. A striking diversity of complement component isoforms unique to teleost fish is also discussed in a functional context..
2. Evolution of complement system in vertebrates in "Introduction to Complement", Ed. by Ooi H, Kinoshita T, and Matsushita M..
3. Nakao M, Mutsuro J, Yano T, Expansion of the genes encoding complement components in bony fish. In "Recent Research Developments in Immunology" ed. by S. G. Pandalai, Reseach Signpost, Kerala, India., Vol. 3, Part I" . pp 15-32,, 2001.01.
4. Identification of immune-related genes of the common carp using cDNA subtraction..
5. Properties of bony fish complement system..