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Yoshizumi Ishino Last modified date:2015.5.20

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Administration Post

Academic Degree
Doctor of Phamaceutical Science
Field of Specialization
Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Protein Engineering
Research Interests
  • Monitoring of mrine eovironment by metagenomic analysis
    keyword : metagenome, NGS, DNA sequencing, marine
  • Target recognition and expression mechanism of intrinsically disordered protein

    keyword : intrinsically disordered protein, molecular recognition, protein structure
  • Molecular Mechanism of DNA replication
    keyword : DNA replication, molecular mechanism, archaea, hyperthermophiles
  • Molecular mechanisms of DNA recombinatinal repair and genome integrity
    keyword : DNA repair, DNA recombination, endonucelase, homologous recombination, Holliday junction
  • Application of the enzymes and proteins to the development of novel techniques for genetic engineering
    keyword : Genetic Engineering, Gene amplification, Recombinant DNA, NUcleic Acid-relarted enzyme
Current and Past Project
  • Target recognition and expression mechanism of intrinsically disordered protein
Academic Activities
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1. Ishino Y. (2008) Contribution of the proteins from hyperthermophilic archaea to structural and functional analyses of DNA replication/repair apparatus. Keynote Presentation at Extremophiles 2008 Sept. 7-11, Cape Town, South Africa..