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Takahiro Otsu Last modified date:2019.05.22

Graduate School

This homepage includes my academic background , research achievements, teaching method, and others .
Academic Degree
Master of Arts
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
English Linguistics, Cognitive Pragmatics
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
(1) My research is mainly based on Relevance Theory, a cognitive theory which tries to account for linguistic phenomena, whether English or Japanese, in a cognitively sound way. This theory can be applied into the accounts of anaphors or discourse connectives in English, and the actual communication data in Japanese in order to investigate how the presumption of optimal relevance is achieved. (2) Another research is made by linguistic psychological experiments whose purpose is to investigate the cognitive process through which Japanese learners of English construct a meaning when they translate English into Japanese.

My teaching method aims to improve: (1) the students' accurate, critical, and fast reading skill through reading the TIME articles; (2) their communicative skill by writing a 400-word English essay of their own and making an oral presentation of it; and (3) their practical skill by taking tests such as TOEIC during the class.

Social Activities:
(1) summer intensive lectures in the University of the Air in Fukuoka (whose titles are "An Introduction to English Grammar and Writing (1999), "From and Meaning of English: From the Viewpoint of Vocaburaly, Construction and Communication" (2001) "An Outline of Utterance Interpretation" (2003), and "Rules on Comunication" (2004))
(2) examiner of the STEP test
Research Interests
  • A Metarepresentational Analysis of the Anaphoric Processes of Understanding Anaphoric Expressions: From a Linguistic Theory and the Theory of MInd
    keyword : anaphora, relevance theory, metarepresentation, interpretive resemblance, procedural meaning
    1999.04~2012.03A cognitive and relevance-theoretic account of anaporic expression with regard to the distinction between surface and deep anaphora.
  • Pragmatic inference involved in utterance interpretation
    keyword : relevance, pragmatic inference, cognitive effect, processing effort
    1998.04~2011.03Relevance Theory and Utterance Interpretation.
  • The pragmacognitive analysis of Japanese and English discourse markers and fillers
    keyword : discourse marker, filler, concept, procedure, relevance theory
    1987.04~2017.03The transition of the theory of utterance interpretation from Grice, Levinson to Sperber and Wilson, and the contributions of speech act theory and politeness to utterance interpretation.
Academic Activities
1. Utterance Interpretation.
2. A Waymark of Languages.
3. A Pasasage to English, 5th edition.
1. Takahiro Otsu, Multifunctionality of After All: A Unitary Account, Journal of Pragmatics,, 134, 102-122, 2018.09.
2. Takahiro Otsu, In Other Words and I Mean: Reformulation and Metarepresentation, 『英語英文学論叢』, 68, 15-33, 2018.03.
3. Takahiro Otsu, Relevance-theoretic Account of Anaphoric Processes: the Application of Metarepresentation and its Implications (University of Vlore, Albania), The Said and the Unsaid: Papers on Language, Literature and Cultural Studies , 182-194, 2011.12.
4. Takahiro Otsu, Procedural Information of Anaphoric Expressions: Pronouns, Ellipses and Metarepresentations, Studies in Languages and Cultures, 25, 113-130, 2010.03.
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8. Procedural Meaning and Polysemy of the English Discourse Connective After All.
9. A Note on Conversational Implicatures: Grice, Levinson, and Relevance Theory.
10. Takahiro Otsu, Semantic Extension of 'After All': Concession and Justification, Abstracts of 9th International Prgmatics Conference (International Pragmatics Association), p.275, 2005.07, [URL].
11. A Relevance-theortic Account of Speech Acts.
12. Takahiro Otsu, A Relevance-Theoretic Account of the English Discourse Connective 'After All', Proceedings of "English Studies in an Era of Globarization", 2004 International Conference in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary (The English Language and Literature Association of Korea), pp.273-274, 2004.06.
13. Background Visual Information and the Comprehension of English Discourse: a Relevance-theoretic Account.
14. The Case of Relative Pronouns and the Pattern of Meaning Construction of Relative Clause Constructions for Japanese Learners.
15. Takahiro Otsu, Surface/Deep Anaphora and Contextual Assumptions, 言語科学, 第38号, 2003.02.
16. Takahiro Otsu, A Unified Account of the English Discourse Connective 'After All', 言語学からの眺望2003(九州大学出版会), pp.173-187, 2003.10.
1. Takahiro Otsu, In Other Words and I Mean: Restatement and Metarepresentation, 4th International Conference of American Pragmatics, 2018.11.
2. Takahiro Otsu, From Justification to Modulation: Procedural Constraint of After All and Datte, 14th International Pragmatics Conference, 2015.07.
3. Takahiro Otsu, Modulation Marker: A Relevance-theoretic Account of After All and Datte, 6th Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication Conference, 2014.05.
4. Takahiro Otsu, The Procedure Encoded by the Structure of the Linguistic Expressions, 13th International Pragmatics Conference, 2013.09.
5. , [URL].
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7. A Metarepresentational Account of Surface/Deep Anaphora: Beyond Linguistic Control and Pragmatic Control, [URL].
8. A Metarepresentational Approach to Surface/Deep Anaphora.
9. Procedural Meaning and Polysemy of the English Discourse Connective 'After All'.
10. Semantic Extension of 'After All': Concession and Justification, [URL].
11. A Relevance-theoretic Account of the English Discourse Connective 'After All'.
12. Surface/Deep Anaphora and Relevance, [URL].
13. Surface/Deep Anaphora and Conversational Implicatures.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The English Linguistic Society of Japan
  • The Prgmatics Society of Japan
  • The English Literary Society of Japan
Educational Activities
I hope you refer to outline of eduacation above.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2016.07.
  • 2014.02.
  • 2011.05.
  • 2011.05.
Professional and Outreach Activities
(1-10) intensive lectures in the University of the Air whose titles are "An Introduction to English Grammar and Writing" (1999), "Form and Meaning of English" (2001), and "An Outline of Utterance Interpretation" (2003) and more.