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Yuji Ohya Last modified date:2016.05.16

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Wake interference of a row of normal flat plates arranged side by side in a uniform flow
Field of Specialization
Wind engineering, Fluid dynamics, Atmospheric boundary layer, Wind energy
Outline Activities
Wind engineering section performs experimental and numerical research on problems of fluid dynamics, related to wind environments such as airflow over complex terrain and urban canopy, and to wind forces on buildings and structures, and to wind energy as clean and renewable energy. Current areas of research projects are: 1) Turbulence structure and transport characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer; 2) Prediction of wind systems over local topographic features; 3) Aerodynamic characteristics and flutter phenomena of bluff bodies; 4) Development of wind energy and new wind turbine system; 5) Development of a hybrid energy generation system using solar heat and wind in a wind-solar tower; 6) Computational fluid dynamics in wind engineering. In order to conduct these researches, various wind engineering facilities consisting of a large boundary-layer wind tunnel, thermally stratified wind tunnel and water tanks are effectively utilized.
Research Interests
  • A hybrid renewable energy system by solar heat and wind in a wind-solar tower
    keyword : solar heat, wind aloft, solar chimney, wind-lens vertical type, co-generation, triple-generation
  • Development of a multi-rotor system using wind-lens turbines
    keyword : diffuser-augmented wind turbine, multi rotor system, wind energy, wind turbine
  • Development of a high-density Floating-body Energy farm
    keyword : Wind, Solar, Tidal current, Wave
  • Development of high efficiency mini water energy system using Water-lens turbine
    keyword : Windlens, Water-lens turbine, Micro/mini water energy, river
  • Research on the utilization of wind energy
    keyword : Wind-lens turbine, Shrouded wind turbine, Brimmed diffuser
    1999.04Development of high-performance wind turbine with a brimmed-diffuser.
  • Reserch on the Atomospheric Boundary Layer
    keyword : Atomospheric Boundary Layer, Turbulance, Stratified Flow, Wind tunnel experiment, Numerical simulation
    1993.04Resarch on atmospheric boundary layer by using wind tunnel and numerical analyses.
  • Research on the prediction method of wind system
    keyword : Wind pattern, Numerical simulation, Wind tunnel experiment, Atomospheric environment
    1996.04Development of a prediction method for local wind pattern and atmospheric environment.
  • Research on the bluff-body flow and the aerodaynamics of them
    keyword : Aerodynamics characteristics, Flow visualization, Numerical caliculation, Wind tunnel experiment
    1981.04Bluff body flow and aerodynamics.
Current and Past Project
  • Using wind energy due to wind-lens turbines, the electricity will be provided to an electroric station. A couple of elecrtoric cars are provided the electlicity through the station. The operation system of the electroric cars will be established.
  • We will initiate an irrigation project using wind energy in a desert area in the northwestern district in China. For this purpose, we will develop a wind turbine with a compact brimmed diffuser, called wind-lens turbine, which is expected to be suitable to a desert area with good wind condition.
  • Research on the integraded renewable energy including solar, wind , hydrozen, etc.
  • Development of high-performance wind turbine
  • Research on a huge floating body which has wind turbines, solar panels, tidal current turbines and wave energy conversion system.
Academic Activities
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Works, Software and Database
1. .
1. Yuji Ohya, An efficient wind turbine with wind-lens technology and offshore floationg energy farm, The 2nd Pacific Rim Energy and Sustainability Conference, 2013.08.27.
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Other Research Activities
  • 2005.05.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Experimental Studies of Stable Boundary Layers and Convective Boundary Layers in the Atmosphere
Other Educational Activities
  • 2008.11.
  • 2004.11.