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KAZUTOSHI TOKUNAGA Last modified date:2016.05.16

Associate Professor / Plasma surface interaction
Division of Nuclear Fusion Dynamics
Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

Graduate School
Other Organization

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Fusion reactor material, Plasma material interaction
Outline Activities
(1)Material modification and plasma material interactions on large plasma experimental devices
(2)Surface modification on tungsten by low energy and high flux plasma exposure
(3)Modification of refractory metal ( Tungsten, Molybdenum) by heat loading and particle(hydrogen isotope/helium) irradiation
(4)Development and evaluation of divertor and first wall material
Research Interests
  • Plasma wall interaction in fusion devices
    keyword : Plasma wall interaction
  • Radaition damage of plasma facing materials by hydrogen and helium irradiation
    keyword : Hydrogen, Helium, High Z materials, Tungsten
  • Modification on tungsten materials by pulse high heat loading
    keyword : pulse heat loading, tungsten
  • Development on tungsten coated carbon material and its property under heat and particle loading
    keyword : Tungsten, carbon material, heat loading, particle irradaition
  • Development of tungsten coated reduced-activation ferritic/martensitic steel and its property under heat/pariticle loadings
    keyword : Reduced-activation materials, Tngsten, Coatings
  • Structure and hydrogen retention/desorption on re-deposited layer formed by plasma wall inateractions
    keyword : Re-deposited layer, Hydrogen, Plasma wall intaraction
Academic Activities