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Shigeru Koyama Last modified date:2017.11.21

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Termal Enigineering, Heat Transfer, Engineering of Refrigerating and Air-conditioning
Outline Activities
[Reserach Activity] From the micro and macro viewpoints, members of our research laboratory are involved in clarifying the heat and mass transfer mechanism in vapor-liquid two phase flow such as condensation, evaporation and absorption along with the development of new sorbent-refrigerant pairs for absorption and adsorption processes. We are also contributing significantly to the development of innovative systems and incremental improvement of existing technologies.

[Educational Activitiy] Professor and Supervisor, Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering,Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, and Partime lecturer of Depertment of Energy Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu Univerisity. Parttime lecturer of Kyushu Insitute of Technology and Fukuoka University.

[Academic and Social Activity] To play active parts in academic circles such as JSME, JASRAE, JSHT and IIR. To conduct the reserach and development for advanced thermal energy conversion systems in cooperation with many campanies and with support in aid from japanese gorvernment and international assiciation.
Research Interests
  • Advanced Thermal Energy Conversion System
    keyword : Thermal Energy Conversion System, Alternative Refrigerant
  • Development of CPU Cooling System
    keyword : CPU Cooling
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement of Alternative Refrigerant System
    keyword : Heat Transfer Enhancement, Alternative Refrigerant, Heat Exchanger
  • Phase Change Heat Transfer of Refrigerant in Micro- and Mini-Channel
    keyword : Codensation, Evaporation, Microchannel, Minichannel
  • Transport Phenomena of Carbon Dioxide at Supper Critical Pressure
    keyword : Cooling Heat Transfer, Evaporation, Condensation, Supercritical Pressure
  • Adsorption Process
    keyword : Adsorption, Desorption, Heat and Mass Transfer, Advanced Adsorbent
Academic Activities
1. Junichi Ohara, Shigeru Koyama, FALLING FILMEVAPORATION OF PURE REFRIGERANT HCFC123 IN A PLATE-FIN HEAT EXCHANGER, Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer, 19, 4, 2012.04.
  • The medal is awarded for outstanding achievements over an extended period of time in science and/or technology in one of the fields of competence of the IIR.
    This year the Science and Technology Medal goes to Shigeru KOYAMA (Japan) Honorary Member of Commission B2, for the important roles he has played in scientific and practical fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps. He has made great contributions, especially in the field of heat exchangers and refrigeration/heat-pump systems.
    The IIR presents this Medal once every 4 years during each International Congress of Refrigeration.