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Shozo Tobimatsu Last modified date:2020.01.30

Professor / Science for Biological Information / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Shozo Tobimatsu, Central Visual System and Epilepsy., 第49回日本てんかん学会, 2015.10.
2. Shozo Tobimatsu, Exploring biomarkers by clinical neuroimage in neurology: The state-of-art applications, First International Taiwanese Congress of Neurology, 2015.05.
3. Takao Yamasaki, Jun-ichi Kira, Shigenobu Kanba, Shozo Tobimatsu, Higher level but not lower level parallel visual pathways are functionally altered in patients with mild cognitive impairment. , ICCN2014, 2014.03.
4. Shozo Tobimatsu, Electrophysiological approach to human face perception: Importance of stimulus manipulation. , 43rd NIPS International Symposium. Face Perception and Recognition., 2012.10.