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List of Books
Shozo Tobimatsu Last modified date:2020.01.30

Professor / Science for Biological Information / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Tobimatsu S, Kakigi R, Clinical Applications of Magnetoencephalography., Springer, 2016.03.
2. 飛松省三 , 羽ばたき振戦. 辻省次, 高橋良輔 (編) パーキンソン病と運動異常, アクチュアル脳・神経疾患の臨床

, 中山書店, 48-54, 2013.11.
3. 飛松省三、重藤寛史 , てんかんの分類. 辻省次, 宇川義一 (編) てんかんテキストNew Version, アクチュアル脳・神経疾患の臨床

, 中山書店, 48-54, 2013.05.
4. Yamasaki T, Tobimatsu S , Motion perception in healthy humans and cognitive disorders

, IGI Global, 156-161, 2011.05.
5. Tobimatsu S , Visual gnosis and face perception

, IGI Global, 55-64, 2011.05.
6. Tobimatsu S, Goto Y, Yamasaki T, Nakashima T, Tomoda Y, Mitsudome A, Visual ERPs and cortical function. In: Ikeda A, Inoue Y (eds), Progress in epileptic disorders Vol. 5, Event-related potentials in patients with epilepsy: from current state to future prospects.

, John Libbey Eurotext, Paris. , 37-48, 2008.11.
7. Tobimatsu S, Visual evoked magnetic fields and magnetic stimulation of visual cortex., In: Celesia GG (ed), Disorders of Visual Processing, Handbook of Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol 5,Elsevier, p.143-166, 2005.01.