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tomoaki taguchi Last modified date:2019.07.03

Professor / Reproductive and Developmental Medicine
Department of Clinical Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Other Organization
Administration Post
Director of the Research Center for Environmentand Developmental Medical Sciences

Academic Degree
Peptidergic innervation irregularities in Hirschsprung's disease
Field of Specialization
Pediatric Surgery, Neonatal Surgery, Transplant Surgery, Perinatal Medicine
Research Interests
  • Clinical research for neonatal surgical disease
    keyword : neonatal surgery, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, CCAM, nesidioblastosis, wound less operation
  • Experimental study for small intestinal transplantation
    keyword : small intestinal transplantation, rat, swine, neuron, cold preservation, motility, rejection, ischemia-reperfusion injury, viability
    1987.09~2014.03Small intestinal transplantation.
  • Clinical reserch for pediatric liver transplantation
    keyword : pediatric, liver transplantation, biliary atresia, fulminant hepatitis, metabolic disease
    2004.04~2014.03Clinical research for pediatric liver transplantation.
  • Treantment strategy for pediatric malignant solid tumor
    keyword : children, malignant solid tumot, neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor, hepatoblastoma, malignant teratoma, rhabdomyosarcoma
    2004.04~2014.03malignant solid tumor, children, dendritic sell, immnotherapy .
  • Development of minimal invasive surgery for children
    keyword : minimal invasive surgery, children, endoscope, laparoscope
    2004.04~2014.03Minimal invasive surgery for pediatric patients are required in order to improve QOL. .
  • Pathologocal evaluation fopr Hirschsprung's disease and allied disorders
    keyword : Hirschsprung's disease, allied disorders of Hirschsprung's disease, peptide neuron, NO neuron, Cajal cell, hypogenglionosis, immaturity of ganglia, hypogenesis of ganglia, NIDh
    1981.04~2014.03Hirschspung's disease, aganglionosis, hypoganglionosis, immaturity of ganglia.
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
Professor, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Reproductive and Developmental Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University
Other Educational Activities
  • 2009.05.
  • 2006.12, Medical education using Problem Based Learning in Inje University.
  • 1993.02.