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Ryoichi Imai Last modified date:2019.06.24

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

1. Secular Stagnation and the Neo-Fisher Policy, [URL].
2. Ryoichi Imai, Payroll Tax Reform and Job Distribution, 九州大学留学生センター紀要, 26, 61-76, 2018.03, [URL], Taxation on employment is explored in a labor search model with two types of jobs of different productivity and on-the-job search. The highproductive job is charged with both payroll and income taxes, while the low-productive jobs with income tax only. A tax reform to reduce payroll tax and raise income tax shifts the steady-state equilibrium distribution of jobs toward less productive ones. The result stands in a sharp contrast to the usual argument that replacement of payroll tax with income tax creates more of high-productive jobs..
3. Does public insurance raise the price of medical care?, [URL].
4. On the Search-Theoretic Anaylis of Housing Markets.
5. Abenomics Reconsidered, [URL].
6. Ryoichi Imai, Stagnation and Technological Progress, 九州大学留学生センター紀要, 22, 25-35, 2015.03, [URL], I present a simple model to illustrate the mechanism that technological progress might cause apparent stagnation, while it obviously improves economic welfare. TFP growth in the anufacturing sector induces employment and output to shift to the service sector if the elasticity of substitution in preference is small. Then GDP stagnates while welfare increases..
7. Ryoichi Imai, Middlemen and Resale, Search Theory Conferenceで報告。, 2012.03, [URL].
8. Ryoichi Imai, A Search Model of Bestsellers, Search Theory Workshop (Osaka), 九州大学で報告。, 2011.02, [URL].
9. Ryoichi Imai, A Search Model of the Resale Market, Search Theory Workshop (Osaka and New York), Workshop on Macroeconomic Dynamics, Free University of Amsterdam, 東京大学で報告。, 2010.07, [URL].
10. Kenneth Burdett, Ryoichi Imai, and Randall Wright, "Unstable Relationships", Frontiers of Macroeconomics, 1(1), 1-42., 2004.01.
11. Ryoichi Imai, "Some Coordination Games Which Have a Unique Equilibrium", NUCB Journal of Economics and Management, 45(2), 107-114, 2001.03.
12. Ryoichi Imai, "Growth and Unemployment in a Search-Theoretic Model of Money", NUCB Journal of Economics and Management, 44(1), 135-156, 1999.07.