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List of Papers
Masao Nakada Last modified date:2016.09.17

Professor / Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences / Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences / Faculty of Sciences

1. Nakada Masao, Okuno Jun'ichi, Inference of mantle viscosity for depth resolutions of GIA observations, Geophysical Journal International, 207, 2016.09.
2. Nakada Masao, Okuno Jun'ichi, Yokoyama Yusuke, Total meltwater volume since the Last Glacial Maximum and viscosity structure of Earth's mantle inferred from relative sea level changes at Barbados and Bonaparte Gulf and GIA-induced J2-dot, Geophysical Journal International, 204, 2016.04.
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7. Nakada Masao, Chihiro Iriguchi, Shun-ichiro Karato, The viscosity structure of the D” layer of the Earth’s mantle inferred from the analysis of Chandler wobble and tidal deformation

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