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Yoshitaka NAKAJIMA Last modified date:2019.06.06

Professor / perceptual psychology / Department of Human Science / Faculty of Design

1. Yoshitaka NAKAJIMA, Kazuo UEDA, Gerard B. REMIJN, Yuko YAMASHITA, Takuya KISHIDA, How sonority appears in speech analyses, Acoustical Science and Technology, 2018.05, Sonority is a subjective or linguistic property of speech sounds closely related to syllable formation. We showed
that it was highly correlated to one of the 3 or 4 factors extracted to describe spectral changes of speech, and this factor was closely related to a frequency range around 540–1,700 Hz. The factor scores of this factor were high in vowels, lower in sonorant consonants, and even lower in obstruents in British English. Another factor related to a range above 3,300 Hz was found to be negatively correlated to sonority; the factor scores of this factor were high in obstruents, in which high-frequency components were conspicuous..
2. Current trends in music psychology: Music perception, emotion in music, and music therapy.
3. What one should care when conducting auditory psychological experiments.