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Kazuki TAKENOUCHI Last modified date:2017.08.25

Associate Professor / Creative Design
Department of Content and Creative Design
Faculty of Design

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Dr. Eng.
Field of Specialization
Creative Design, Computer Fabrication, Synthesis of Mechanism, Design Science
Outline Activities
Studies on Design end Engineering Science based on Mechanical Engineering and Education of Fundamental Engineering Relating to Creative Design
Research Interests
  • Digital modeling of custom fit device by use of 3D scan data
    keyword : Synthesis, Design, Mechanism
  • Design Exercise Making Use of Classic Engineering Material
    keyword : Synthesis, Design, Mechanism
  • Study on circular arc gear
    keyword : Circular-Arc Tooth-Trace Gear, Curved Surface, 3D-CAD
  • Development of FDM 3D print Aid
    keyword : 3D printer, Support
  • Recognition of Shape and Size
    keyword : Recognition, Shape, Size
    1994.04On Characteristics of problems for evaluation of ability for three-dimensional recognition of primary school students. On Ability for recognitions of shape and size with haptic perception of regular polygons and difference in length without help of the vision..
  • Medical and Mecical Education Support by use of 3D Modeling
    keyword : 3D Modeling, Support
  • Design Aid by use of Topological Optimization
    keyword : Topological optimization, Design aid
  • Utilization of nano- and pico-hydro
    keyword : small hydro
  • Tactile sense and surface properties
    keyword : surface properties, tactile sense, vibration
  • Reinforcement of Timbers with "Chikiri"
    keyword : Chikiri, Reinforcement
  • Compost
    keyword : Compost
  • Tear Flow beneath Rigid Contact Lens
    keyword : Rigid Contact Lens, Tear Flow
    2000.04~2006.03Tear flow under hard contact lenses is numerically evaluated and effect of lens design on the flow is studied..
  • Development of Rehabilitation Aid for Contractured Ankle Joint
    keyword : Rehabilitation Aid, Gait, Contracture
    1990.04Develpment of an rehabilitation aid for contractured ankle joints, by which repetitive dorsi flexion is added on the joints and quantitative evaluation of recovery is obtained..
  • Measurement of Three Dimensional Ball Motion
    keyword : Ball Rotation, Three-Axis Motion, Hall Element, Measurement Method
    1989.04Trace of the poll of magnetized ball in machine element is measured with Hall element, with which ball rotation, three-axis motion, is calculated..
  • Utilization of Extra-Low Head Hydropower
    keyword : Renewable Energy, Hydropower, Extra-Low Head
    1985.04Proposition of a ducted Darrieus-type water turbine system for utilizing hydro and tidal powers with extra-low head, which have been abandoned because of poor cost-effectiveness as compared with conventional type turbines..
  • Restration of Blem and Color of Cultural Property by Use of Image Technology
    keyword : Color Restration
Current and Past Project
  • Workshop on JIS Standards of Technical Drawings
Academic Activities
1. Toshio Sakata, Kazuki Takenouchi, Kensuke Nouno, Kazumitsu Maehara and Takahiko Horiuchi, A Treatise on Mathematical Color Inpainting of Japanese Old Statues, Proceedings of International MultiConference of Engineering and Computer , 2008.03.
2. Kimitoshi Fukudome, Kazuki Takenouchi, Masato Kashida, Toshiaki Samejima and Naoki Ono, A Fast Measurement System for the Listener's Own Head-Related Impulse Responses, 19th International Congress on Acoustics - ICA2007 Madrid, 2007.09.
3. Kazuki TAKENOUCHI, Kusuo OKUMA, Akinori FURUKAWA and Toshiaki SETOGUCHI, On Applicability of Reciprocating Flow Turbines Developed for Wave Power to Tidal Power, Renewable Energy, No.31, pp.209-223., 2006.01.
4. Kazuki TAKENOUCHI, Tomoaki FUJI and Hidechito HAYASHI, A Trial of Exercise of Computational Mechanics by Using Spreadsheet Software, Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Design Engineering and Science - New Progress in Design Engineering and Science -, pp.249-252, 2005.10.
5. Kazuki TAKENOUCHI, Kusuo OKUMA and Akinori FURUKAWA, Extra-Low Head Hydro Power Utilization by Darrieus Turbine, International Symposium on EcoTopia Science 2005, pp.495-498, 2005.08.
6. Akinori FURUKAWA, Kazuki TAKENOUCHI, Kusuo OKUMA and Satoshi WATANABE, Utilization of Two-Dimensional Ducted Darrieus Turbine for Extra-Low Head Hydropower, EXPO WCWRF 2005 - papers - Integrated Renewable Energies for the Future, paper No.4010, 2005.09.
7. Kazuki TAKENOUCHI, Akinori FURUKAWA, Kusuo OKUMA and Satoshi WATANABE, Self-Starting Characteristics of Ducted Darrieus Turbine
for Extra-Low Head Hydropower, EXPO WCWRF 2005 - papers - Integrated Renewable Energies for the Future, paper No.4013, 2005.09.
8. Tentative Study on Applicability of Wave Power Conversion Turbines to Tidal Power.
9. Development of Apparatus for Rehabilitation and Support of Gait Function
(1st Report, Specification and Mechanism for the Apparatus and Its Performance Simulation).
10. Kazuaki KAWAKITA, Kazuki TAKENOUCHI, Tomoaki FUJI, Ability of Sense of Feeling for Recognition of Shape and Size, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, Vol.1, pp.355-358, 2002.07.
11. Modeling of Heat Transfer Phenomena with Air Existing in Fusing Region.
12. K. TAKENOUCHI, T. FUJI, T. TAKEYARI, N. WATANABE, A. IWAMA, K. KAWAKITA, Measurement of Ball Motion in a Ball-Type Limited Slip Differential Gear, Applied Mechanics and Engineering -Proceedings of the International Conference: Problems of Non-Conventional Bearing Systems-, Vol.4, pp.321-328, 1999.09.
13. T. FUJI, K. TAKENOUCHI, S. ARIYOSHI, K. KAWAKITA, Experimental Study on Ball Motions in Thrust Ball Bearings, Applied Mechanics and Engineering -Proceedings of the International Conference: Problems of Non-Conventional Bearing Systems-, Vol.4, pp.311-316, 1999.09.
14. K. Takenouchi, M. Samei, T. Shimokawa and K. Kawakita, Effects of Existing air on Fusing Temperature Field in Electrophotographic Printers, Proceedings of International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies, pp.466-469, 1998.10.
15. M. Samei, T. Shimokawa, K. Takenouchi and K. Kawakita, Estimation of Temperature in Toner Fusing Field, Proceedings of International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies, pp.444-447., 1998.10.
16. An Engineering Aid for Active Range-of-Motion Exercise
- Development of Rehabilitation Apparatus for Contracture of Ankle Joints and Characteristics in Active Dorsi Flexion -.
17. Development of a New Rehabilitation Apparatus for ROM Exercise of all Joints Necessary at Walking Motion.
Works, Software and Database
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1. 竹之内 和樹, 董 博, Evaluation of a Profile Parameter of Wheels Drawn in Ancient Pictures in Japan and China, 11th Asian Forum on Graphic Science, 2017.08.10.
3. Evaluation of Surface Texture on Alminum Paste Filled Acrylic Resin.
4. A Treatise on Mathematical Color Inpainting of Japanese Old Statues
5. On Extension of Applicable Head Range of Darrieus Turbine.
6. On Applicable Head Range of Darrieus Turbine for Effective Utilization of Extra-Low Head Hydropower, [URL].
7. Develpment of a Measurement System of Head Related Impulse Response for All Azimuthal Directions with Discrete Elevations and Resulting Measurement Accuracy.
8. Improvement of Resulting Measurement Accuracy of Angular Velocity Vector of Ball Rotation.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Japan Society for Design Engineering
  • Japan Society for Graphics Science
  • Turbomachinery Society of Japan
  • Japan Society of Energy and Resources
  • The Society for Art and Science
  • The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics
  • The Visualization Society of Japan
Other Educational Activities
  • 2016.06.
  • 2015.08.
  • 2014.08.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Extension Courses, "Experience Course of 2-D CAD and CG for Beginners".