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List of Papers
Hiroyuki ITO Last modified date:2016.1.28

Professor / Perceptual Psychology / Department of Human Science / Faculty of Design

1. 小川 将樹, 妹尾 武治, 伊藤 裕之, 須長 正治,Effect of Pre-Presentation of a Frontal Face on the Shift of Visual Attention Induced by Averted Gaze,Psychology,Vol.5,2014.04.
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6. Hiroyuki ITO, Xie Yang,A short line segment squirms along a zigzag line,i-Perception,(in press).
7. Shinji Nakamura, Takeharu Seno, Hiroyuki ITO, Shoji Sunaga,Effects of dynamic luminance modulation on visually induced self-motion perception: Observers’ perception of illumination is important in perceiving self-motion,Perception,Vol.42,No.3,2013.03.
8. Hiroyuki ITO,The effect of motion lines on apparent-motion correspondence under dichoptic presentation,Perception,Vol.42,No.2,2013.02.
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17. Takeharu Seno, Shuichiro Taya, Hiroyuki Ito, Shoji Sunaga
,The mental number line in depth revealed by vection
18. Takeharu Seno, Masaki Ogawa, Hiroyuki Ito, Shoji Sunaga
,Consistent air flow to the face facilitates vection
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