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Shigeru Yoshikawa Last modified date:2014.9.16

Professor / Science of Acoustic Design
Department of Communication Design Science
Faculty of Design

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

On the present situation of Musical
Acoustics Laboratory (Yoshikawa Lab).
Academic Degree
Study on the organ pipes and their application to underwater sound sources
Field of Specialization
Musical Instrument Acoustics
Outline Activities
Research: (1) Physical acoustics of musical instruments (sounding mechanisms, interrelation between
instrument's structure and material and the resulting tone, interface between the player
and the instrument, etc.)
(2) Design research by extending the concept of musical instruments (acoustical research of
Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Cathedral)

Education: lecture on acoustics of musical instruments (3rd grade), seminar and foreign literature (3rd grade), and acoustical design of musical instruments (graduate school)

Social activity: Regional consociation R&D project "Development of new environmental material with
high rigidity and high damping characteristic" (2003 and 2004 FY)
Research Interests
  • Acoustical study on woods for musical instruments
    keyword : string instruments, percussion instruments, woods, vibration parameter, transmission parameter, timbre, Stradivarius
  • Acoustical study on the "sawari" (softly touching) mechanism in the Satsuma biwa and other similar plucked string instruments
    keyword : "sawari", biwa, shamisen, sitar, emphasis of higher harmonics, numerical simulations
  • Acoustics of the organ pipes
    keyword : sound production mechanism, vortex-sound theory, air jet, mode locking、PIV
  • Acoustical study on the Sagrada Familia Church
    keyword : belfry, bells, nave, louvered windows, silencing mechanism, sound diffusion mechanism
  • Acoustical study of the bowed string instruments such as the violin
    keyword : string, bow, rosin, torsional vibration, wolf note, Helmholtz wave
  • Acoustical study of the Japanese shakuhachi
    keyword : intonation anomaly, cutoff frequency, open hole lattice, input admittance, shousouin shakuhachi
Current and Past Project
  • International Joint Research on the Acoustics of the Sagrada Familia Church
  • Joint research on Gaudi's bells in the Sagrada Familia Church
  • The aim of this research project is the development of the environment-oriented and
    low-cost material on the basis of high-stiffness and high-damping characteristics of the ceramics. Optimum design and evaluation is carried out concerning the substitutes of hard woods used as woodwind wall material and the application to
    building material and machine components. The duty of Kyushu University is to
    acoustical evaluation of musical instruments made of ceramics.
  • The R&D carried out in 2003 and 2004 fiscal years is continued and complemented. The duty of Kyushu University is the acoustical evaluation of musical instruments made of ceramics.
Academic Activities
1. Thomas D. Rossing, Anders Askenfelt, Shigeru Yoshikawa, 他21名,The Science of String Instruments,Springer,総ページ 470、構成 23章、担当 第11章 "Plucked String Instruments in Asia" (pp. 173-196)。Editor: Thomas D. Rossing。,2010.12.
2. Acoustical Measurement of Musical Instruments, Performance, and Emotion.
3. Aeroacoustics of Sound Sources
4. Fourier Acoustics - Sound Radiation and Near-field Acoustical Holography
(Earl G. Williams).
5. Dictionary of Acoustical Terminology (Revised Edition).
6. The Physics of Musical Instruments (N.H. Fletcher and T.D. Rossing).
1. Changes in musical instrument design and their acoustical bases.
2. Helmholtz: A starting point of musical instrument acoustics.
3. A study on sounding mechanisms of wind instruments based on visualized information.
1. Takayasu Ebihara, Yoshikawa Shigeru,Nonlinear effects contributing to hand-stopping tones in a horn,J. Acoustical Society of America,Vol.133,No.5,2013.05. .
2. Shigeru Yoshikawa, Hiromi Tashiro, and Yumiko Sakamoto,Experimental examination of vortex-sound generation in an organ pipe: A proposal of jet vortex-layer formation model,Journal of Sound and Vibration,Vol.331,No.11,pp.2558-2577,2012.03. .
3. Shigeru Yoshikawa, Masahiro Shinoduka, and Takafumi Senda,A comparison of string instruments based on wood properties: Biwa vs. cello,Acoust. Sci. & Tech.,Vol. 29, No. 1, 41-50,2008.01. .
4. Shigeru Yoshikawa,Acoustical classification of woods for string instruments,J. Acoust. Soc. Am.,122 (1), 568-573,2007.07. 
5. Shigeru Yoshikawa and Yoko Muto,Lip-wave generation in horn players and the estimation of lip-tissue elasticity,Acta Acustica united with Acustica,89巻, 145-162,2003.03. .
6. Kenji Saijyou and Shigeru Yoshikawa,Analysis of flexural wave velocity and vibration mode in thin cylindrical shell,J. Acoust. Soc. Am.,Vol. 112, No. 6, pp.2808-2813,2002.12. 
1. Visionary bells Gaudi envisaged for the Sagrada Familia Church.
2. Experimental consideration on the plucked string vibration in a string instrument model with a sawari mechanism: On the effects of initial conditions.
3. Estimation of the embouchure-hole length correction when playing a shousouin shakuhachi.
Other Research Activities
  • 2013.03,T. Ebihara and S. Yoshikawa, "Nonlinear effects contributing to hand-stopping tones in a horn" was received on 11 Oct. 2012 and
    received on 13 March 2013 by the Acoustical Society of America. The publication is scheduled in May, 2013, in No. 5, Vol. 133..
  • 2012.03,A graduate school student (Takayasu Ebihara) received the excellent presentation prize for students at the fall meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan (Sept. 22, 2011, Shimane University, the paper presented: "Experimental study on the wall vibration
    associated with the hand-stopping in the horn playing"). .
Educational Activities
Classes: Musical Instrument Acoustics (3rd grade)
Seminar (3rd grade)

Open Class: "Experiments on tone and picture image for high school students" (2001-2003)
Other Educational Activities
  • 2012.03,A master-course graduate student (Mr. Takayasu Ebihara) received the best student prize from the Communication Design Science Course, the Graduate School of Design..
  • 2012.03,A graduate student (Miss Kazue Kajiwara) received the best student prize from the Department of Acoustic Design, the Faculty of
    Design. .
  • 2006.12,The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden nominated me as the opponent in the public defense. The candidate of doctoral dissertation was Mr. Matthias Scholz, and his thesis title was "Sound generation in metal organ pipes". The public defense was opened at 10 AM, 19 December 2006 and closed at 12:40 PM. Continuously, the grades committee was held and the decision of "Pass" was made after some discussion. The notice of "Pass" was immediately given to the candidate by the committee chairman, and a celebration party was held..
Professional and Outreach Activities
(1) Regional Consociation R&D Project (2003-2004)
(2) Agreement for Academic Cooperation between Technical University of Catalonia and Kyushu University, 2003-2008,
renewal 2008-2013)
(3) Joint Research Project on Gaudi's Bells in the Sagrada Familia Church (with Chuo University, 2010.4 ~ 2012.3)