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Masakazu Tani Last modified date:2019.06.05

Professor / Landscape and Social Environmental Design / Department of Environmental Design / Faculty of Design

1. M.S.Marry, Asahiro Kazuo, S.M.A. Ullah, Masao Moriyama, Masakazu Tani, Maiko Sakamoto, Assessing Local People Preferences towards Different Landscape Character Area in Teknaf Peninsula for Sustainable Landscape Conservation and Development, 2017 Workshop on Urban Planning and Management, 2017.02.
2. M.S. Marry, Asahiro Kazuo, Masakazu Tani, Masao Moriyama, Maiko Sakamoto, Integrated Watershed Analysis for Sustainable Management of Rural Life in Teknaf Peninsula, Bangladsh, Landscape Architecture Society, 2016.11.
3. M. Abiar Rahman, Masakazu Tani, Can homestead forests help reducing deforestation? – A case in the hill forest of Teknaf peninsula, Bangladesh, 8th International Seminar of Bangladesh JSPS Alumni Association, 2017.03.
4. Masakazu Tani, Who is eating forests in Teknaf?: Progress of Teknaf Deforestation Project, 5th International conference on Environmental Aspects of Bangladesh, 2014.09.
5. Md. Abiar Rahman, Masakazu Tani, Causes of deforestation and conservation strategy in Teknaf Peninsula of Bangladesh, World Congress of Agroforestry 2014, 2014.02.
6. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Masakazu Tani, Arsenic concentration and related water quality parameters of well water in the Terai Plain of Nepal.
7. Akiko Nakano, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Masakazu Tani, The concentrations of arsenic and some other elements and pH in the sediments collected at Nawalparasi District of Nepal, 第17回アジア地下水ヒ素汚染フォーラム, 2012.11.
8. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Masakazu Tani, Arsenic concentration and the oxidation-reduction potential of well water and the number of arsenic patients in Nawalparasi District of Nepal, 第17回アジア地下水ヒ素汚染フォーラム, 2012.11.
9. Tani Masakazu, Betel leaf cultivation on forest loss in the Teknaf Peninsula, 3rd International conference on Environmental Aspects of Bangladesh, 2012.10.
10. Masakazu Tani, Residual primary refuse: a case study of microartifacts, the 63rd Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Seattle., 1998.03.
11. Masakazu Tani, WL Rathje, WW Hughes, Landfill research by the Garbage Project: a first applied archaeology., the 1994 Southwestern Anthropological Association meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1994.06.
12. J. Bogner, WL Rathje, Masakazu Tani, Discards as measures of urban metabolism: the value of rubbish, The international symposium of urban metabolism. Kobe, Japan, 1993.10.
13. Masakazu Tani, D. Wilson, Hohokam refuse disposal patterns: an intrasite application of Geographic Information System at a Classic Period site in the northern Tucson Basin., The Anthropology of Human Behavior through Geographic Information and Analyses Conference. University of California, Santa Barbara., 1992.07.
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