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Yoshiki hori Last modified date:2015.6.1

Professor / Environmental Engineering, Planning and Design Section
Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering, M.Phil.
Field of Specialization
Hisotry of Architecture and City Planning in Europe
Outline Activities
Research on ancient Roman hisotry of its town-planning and domestic architecture, closely based on the results of field surveys around town houses and city walls of Pompeii and Ostia in Italy tracing the archaeological evidence for the Roman conquest and Romanization. It will provide a masterly synthesis of the results of recent research, integrating archaeological and literary evidence to produce a cogent and coherent picture of the way in which the Roman house and town-planning responded to socio-cultural influences.
Research on the history of techniques and stone-production in ancient and early-medieval quarries, closely based on the results of field works around site Akoris in Mid-Egypt.
Field survey on ancient cities on the Northern Africa
Research on the history of domestic architecuture in the historical area of Hagi city comparing the evidence coming from a design given entirely by measurement with literary evidence.
Research Interests
  • City walls and domestic architecture in Roman cities through field survey in Pompeii and Ostia in Italy
    keyword : Ancinet Rome, Pompeii, Ostia, City wall, domestic architecture
  • Ancient quarries around Akoris in Egypt from the Ptolemaic to the early Byzantine periods
    keyword : Egypt, Akoris, quarry, production, technology
  • Town planning and domestic architecture in Hagi city in Yamaguchi prefecture in the Edo period
    keyword : Hagi, Samurai houses, town planning, stone wall
Current and Past Project
  • From 26th August to 9th September, the architectural investigation of city wall has been carried out at Pompeii. In these 60 years, we find a famous and detailed research on Pompeian city wall of Maiuri in 1930 giving place to a more sporadic and limited style of investigation and excavation, of which the Tower VIII by C. Trerre is the best-published example. Seeds of an architectural approach were sown under J. -P. Adam, but no project involving the whole city wall was undertaken. It is clear that one the chief reasons for this style was below. The city wall is so long and tall that researchers could not measure the whole city wall using traditional and old-fashioned equipments. All of the hitherto unpublished investigations are so fragmentary as to be impossible to grasp the measure of difference between the Roman and pre-Roman architectural details. Based on the research of Maiuri in 1930, the investigation consists of a peace by peace analysis which is intended to facilitate the discussion of whole city wall and urbanization sequences of Pompeii. In this investigation we introduce the most advanced measuring method: 3D scanning system, in which more than 10,000 scanning laser beams can be emitted in one second and the object can be described as the aggregation of dots having three dimensional coordinates. The measuring of whole city wall has been completed within two weeks. The whole city wall was separately measured into more than 200 aggregations of more than million dots. All of aggregations have to be combined in Japan into a whole three dimensional model near feature.
  • In general survey and archaeological excavation around Tehneh village in Egypt, which has been carried out from 1980, including ancient city Akoris, we intend to make clear the structure of urban industry, such as quarry and leather craft from the late Pharaonic to Roman periods.
Academic Activities
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3. Yoshiki HORI,
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5. Architecture in Ancient Rome 2.
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7. Yoshiki HORI,Ancient Quarry Techniques in the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods in the Middle Egypt,17th Internatiional Congress of Classical Archaeology, Bollettino di Archeologia Online (BAO),2009.01.
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9. Yoshiki HORI,Formality of Design represented in Finishing of Stone walls in Hagi city of the Edo Period and Stone Processing in 'ying-zao-fa-shi',Proceedings of International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture Kyoto 2006,pp.345-352,2006.11.
1. Brief History of Ancinet Roman Cities Pompeii and Ostia in disasters.
2. Laser scanning the walls in block work (Opus Quadratum) in Pompeii and Ostia: the relationship between the walls and streets.
3. From Pompeii to Ostia Roman Houses in the Development of Architectural Structure and Urbanization.
4. Drainage System of the rainwater and the excess water discharged on the streets of Pompeii ,[URL].
5. Measuring the City Walls of Pompeii, 3 Dimensional Digital-data and New Measuring Method.
Educational Activities
Core seminar
History of World Architecture
History of Modern Archiecture
History of Japanese Architecture
Architectural Design Studio
Graduate Thesis Research in Architecture
Advanced Architectural Theory
Advanced Theoretical Research of Architecture
Professional and Outreach Activities
Lecturer of " Lets make a new historical map by boys and girls living in Hagi" of serial lectures in Hagi folk museum subsidized by Ministoy of Education and Science.