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Kenji Hara Last modified date:2019.07.10

Associate Professor / Department of Visual Communication Design
Department of Communication Design Science
Faculty of Design

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Visual information processing
Research Interests
  • Geometric and photometric modeling
    keyword : computer vision, graphics
    1999.04Geometric and Photometric Modeling for Virtual Reality.
  • Blind image decomposition
    keyword : signal processing
    2005.04Blind Image Separation.
  • Image fusion
    keyword : Non-photo realistic rendering
    2009.04Blind Image Separation.
  • Wide view imaging
    keyword : Yin-Yang Grid
    2012.10Blind Image Separation.
  • Discrimination between graphics and natural images
    keyword : Generalized Gaussian distribution modeling
    2014.04Blind Image Separation.
  • Denoising parameter optimization
    keyword : Natural scene statistics
    2016.04Blind Image Separation.
Academic Activities
1. Atsushi Morinaga, Kenji Hara*, Kohei Inoue, Kiichi Urahama, Classification between Natural and Graphics Images Based on Generalized Gaussian Distributions, Information Processing Letters (IPL),, 138, 31-34, 2018.10.
2. Kenji Hara, Kohei Inoue, kiichi urahama, Gradient Operators for Feature Extraction from Omnidirectional Panoramic Images, Pattern Recognition Letters (PRL), vol. 54, pp. 89-96, 2015.01.
3. Kenji Hara, Kohei Inoue, kiichi urahama, A Differentiable Approximation Approach to Contrast-Aware Image Fusion, IEEE Signal Processing Letters (SPL), 10.1109/LSP.2014.2314647, vol.21, no.6, pp.742-745, 2014.06.
4. Kenji Hara, Kohei Inoue, kiichi urahama, Generalized Mixture Ratio Based Blind Image Separation, IEEE Signal Processing Letters (SPL), 10.1109/LSP.2013.2265274, vol.20, no.8, pp.743-746, 2013.08.
5. Kenji Hara, Kohei Inoue, Kiichi Urahama, Resolving Permutation Ambiguity in Correlation-Based Blind Image Separation, Pattern Recognition Letters (PRL), vol. 33, pp. 559-567, 2012.01.
6. Kenji Hara, Ko Nishino, Variational Estimation of Inhomogeneous Specular Reflectance and Illumination from A Single View, OSA Journal of Optical Society of America A (JOSA A), vol. 28, no. 2, 2011.02, [URL].
1. An-shui Yu, Kenji Hara, Kohei Inoue, kiichi urahama, Foreground Enlargement of Omnidirectional Images by Spherical Trigonometry, ICPR 2018, 2018.08.