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Hong Pyo Lee Last modified date:2016.10.31

Professor / Contemporary Political Analysis
Department of Political Science
Faculty of Law

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Chinese Politics, East Asian International Relations
Outline Activities
As for my educational activities, I have been offering courses on East Asia such as Chinese Politics, International Relations in East Asia and Contemporary International Relations. These courses are designed to help undergraduate students broaden their understanding the dynamic nature of International Relations in East Asia. In addition, I have been offering graduate seminars especially for foreign students on "International Relations in East Asia", "Asian Pacific Political Economy and "Japan and East Asian Relations."
As for my research activities, I have been conducting research on China's security strategy and foreign policy in the context of East Asian International Relations. I am currently undertaking a research project on Sino-U.S Relations and Cross Strait Relations in the context of China's Grand Strategy in the 21st Century. In addition, I have published four pieces of articles on such topics as China's Naval Strategy in the 21st Century and China-Japan Relations and East Asian Security in the 21st Century over the past two years.
As part of my educational activities, I have been pursuing academic exchange between Kyushu Univertsity and colleges in Korea. For example, I orgarnized an joint symposium between the Faculty of Law, Kyushu University and the School of Social Science of Ajou University in November 2005 under the theme of "A Regional Order in East Asia and Japan-Korean Relations in the 21st Century." The second of this symposium was held at Ajou University in November 2006 under the theme of "East Asian Regional Cooperation and Japan-Korean Relations in the 21st Century, and the third one was held at Kyushu University in November 2007 under the theme of "Japan-Korean Relations and East Asian Regional Cooperation in the Era of Globalization." The fourth of this symposium was held at Ajou University in November 2008 under the theme of "The Potentials for the Formation of East Asian Community and Japan-Korea Relations in the 21st Century." Again, its fifth symposium was held at Kyushu University for November 19-20, 2009 under the theme of "Japan-Korea Relations in the 21st Century and the possibility of East Asian Cooperative Institution." The sixth of this symposium was held at Ajou University in November 2010 under the theme of "The Formation of East Asian Community and Japan-Korea Relations in the 21st Century: Trends and Tasks." Additonally, the seventh and the eighth were held at Kyushu University under the theme of "Trends and Issues regarding the formation of Northeast Asian Community and its implications for Japan-Korea Relations for February 07-08, 2012, and at Ajou University in November 2012 under the theme of "East Asian Cooperation and Japan-Korea Relations: Old Issues and New Challenges" respectively. The ninth and the tenths were held in February 2015 and December 2015 at at Kyushu University and Ajou University under the theme of "New Dimensions of Japan-Korea Relations and East Asian Cooperation - in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Japan-Korea Diplomatic Normalization" and "Newly Emerging East Asian Regional Order and Japan-Korea Relations - Issues and Prospects" respectively.
Research Interests
  • The Role of History Perception in East Asian International Relations and Changing Power Relations of the U.S., Japan and Korea
    keyword : Friction on History Perception、Regional Security Environment
  • East Asian Regionalism: Myth and Reality
    keyword : Regionalism, Hegemonic Rivalry
  • The politics of prerogatives in China and its impact on CCP's sustainability
    keyword : Political stability, socio-political rupture, grass-root discontent
  • Beijing Consensus : China's Model of Development
    keyword : China's Rise, Global Influence
  • The Rise of Nationalism in Japan and China and Sino-Japanese Relations with focus on History Friction
    keyword : Nationalism, Japan-China Relations
    2012.04~2013.03Nationalism in Japan and China, and the Problems of History in Sino-Japan Relations.
  • Energy Security in East Asia: Issues and Trends
    keyword : Energy Securty, Cooperation, Conflict
    2011.10~2012.12Energy Security in East Asia.
Current and Past Project
  • This study analyzes the significance of sea in the context of national security as well as regional security. For this purpose, this study addresses a number of critical issues related to national security revolving around the protection and maintainance of sea safety.
  • This study examines the structural changes taking place in East Asia following the end of the Cold War from various perspectives such as history and power.
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Korean Association of International Studies
  • The Japan Association of International Relations
Professional and Outreach Activities
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