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Yoshimine Kato Last modified date:2019.10.21

Associate Professor / Advanced Material Physics
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
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Kato Laboratory .
Academic Degree
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Semiconductor, Optoelectronics, Thin film, surface and interfaces, nano-structure, Hydrogen sensor, Solar Cell, Ecologic materials and etc.
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
We research on topics of eco-materials and eco–devices.

1. Ultrasonic gas sensors
For a hydrogen energy society such as using fuel cells, it is necessary to use a small and low cost hydrogen sensor. We study a hydrogen sensor using ultrasonic for practical use. We are also challenging in a new kinds of method of gas measurement as an application of the ultrasonic.

2. Semiconductor physics and devices
(1) A new paste type solar cell process and materials
(2) Si/3C-SiC/Nano-crystal diamond film growth and new generation power devices

3. Hydrogen generating, adsorbing or absorbing materials and its application
We study on a new application and method to generate, adsorb or absorb hydrogen using natural materials around you.
Research Interests
  • Solar Cell
    keyword : Solar Cell
    2009.04Research on inorganic and organic solar cell new materials and structures..
  • Hydrogen storage materials
    keyword : Hydrogen storage materials
    2013.01Research on inorganic and organic solar cell new materials and structures..
  • Hydrogen sensor using ultrasonic.
    keyword : Hydrogen sensor
    2006.09Hydrogen Sensor Developping a small hydrogen sensor device using ultrasonic..
  • Growth of 3C-SiC/Diamond on Si wafers for power devices
    keyword : SiC, Diamond
    2004.04Growth of 3C-SiC/Diamond on Si wafers for power devices  By using micro-plasma CVD we are trying to grow 3C-SiC/diamond films on Si wafers where some special treatment have done..
  • Device application of phosphorescent and fluorescent materials
    keyword : phosphorescent and fluorescent materials, long lasting glow
    2007.07~2016.03Application of phosphorescent and fluorescent materials Aiming the control of electron spins and intersystem crossing in hybridized phosphorescent and fluorescent materials with magnetic materials system..
  • Nitride or DLC coating for steel press forming
    keyword : coating, steel press forming
    2010.04~2013.03Research on inorganic and organic solar cell new materials and structures..
  • Electrodes of a Fuel Cell
    keyword : Fuel Cell
    2010.04~2011.03Research on inorganic and organic solar cell new materials and structures. .
  • Sn crystalline nucleation using laser-CVD
    keyword : laser CVD, nucleation
    2006.04~2009.03Sn crystalline nucleation using laser-CVD We are developing ways to grow arrayed crystalline nucleation using laser CVD..
  • Non-contact alignment of DLC(Diamond like carbon) and polyimide films
    keyword : Alignment, DLC(Diamond like carbon)
    1998.01~2010.03Alignment of DLC film  Alignment of DLC film can be used for liquid crystals or DNAs. We are studying on film alignment mechanisms. .
Academic Activities
1. Reverse intersystem crossing between florescent and phosphorous materials by thermal activation.
2. Yoshimine Kato, “A Diamond-like Carbon film applied as an alignment layer for LCDs”:
in Diamond and Related Materials Research
, Nova Science Publishers, 2008.05.
1. Hydrogen Sensing using Ultrasound: Gas Concentration Absolute and Non-contact Measurement.
2. A Hydrogen Sensor using Ultrasonics.
3. Control of intersystem crossing between florescent and phosphorous materials by thermal activation.
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2. Mahjabin Taskin, 加藤 喜峰, Instant Gas Concentration Measurement Using Ultrasound from Exterior of a Pipe, IEEE Sensors Journal, 19, 11, 4017-4024, 2019.05.
3. Hydrogen Sensing using Ultrasound: Gas Concentration Absolute and Non-contact Measurement.
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7. The Specific Heat Ratio of Hydrogen and Helium Measured using Ultrasonic Wave
8. Various Ohmic Contacts of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films.
9. Hydrogen Gas Concentration Measurement in a Pipe by Using Ultrasonic
10. Gas Concentration Measurment using Ultrasonic.
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, International Conference on Hydrogen Production - 2014, 2014.02.
2. N. Shimoda, R. Amano, Yoshimine Kato, KUNGEN TEII, The Ohmic Electrode of the Thin Nanocrystalline Diamond Film at High Temperatures, Diamond and Carbon Materials 2013, 2013.09.
3. A hydrogen sensor using ultrasonic.
4. Temperture dependence of a hydrogen sensor using ultrasonic.
5. Research on a hydrogen sensor using ultrasonic.
6. Nucleation of SiC on as-received and undulated Si(001) substrates, Yoshimine Kato, Proc. of International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2007, pp.Mo-92 .
Membership in Academic Society
  • Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan
  • The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
  • The Rare Earth Society of Japan
  • IEEE
Educational Activities
"Introduction to material science engineering" (university freshmen) From 2005-2017
"Wave theory and thermodynamics" (university sophomore) Since 2005-2014
"Crystal structure anlysis" (university sophomore) Since 2004-2011
"Experiment in material science engineering 1" (university sophomore) Since 2004-2010
"Material Science and Engineering for Energy" (university sophomore) Since 2015-
"English for Science and Engineering" (university junior) Since 2016-
"Semiconductor devices" (Graduate course) Since 2006-
"Advanced material in automotive science" Since 2009-
"Basics of semiconductor devices in automotive" Since 2012-

Thesis and dissertation supervise