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List of Books
HIROSHIGE MATSUMOTO Last modified date:2017.12.12

Professor / Electrochemical Energy Conversion Division / International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research

1. HIROSHIGE MATSUMOTO, KWATI LEONARD, Hydrogen Energy Engineering: A Japanese Perspective, Springer, 2016.08.
2. HIROSHIGE MATSUMOTO, Energy Technology Roadmaps of Japan Future Energy Systems Based on Feasible Technologies Beyond 2030, Springer, "Hydrogen Production" Pages 147-165
"Infrastructure for Next-Generation Vehicles" Pages 217-235, 2016.06.
3. Kimura Seiichiro, HIROSHIGE MATSUMOTO, Infrastructure for next-generation vehicles
, Springer Japan , Pages 217-235, 2016.01.
4. HIROSHIGE MATSUMOTO, Kimura Seiichiro, Itaoka Kenshi, Inoue Gen, Hydrogen production
, Springer Japan, Pages 147-165, 2016.01.