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Chiharu Ohga Last modified date:2019.06.11

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

1. Chiharu Ohga, The Acquisition of Some Collocations within the Polysemous Verb Constructions by Chinese Learners of Japanese:
– A Comparative Analysis Based on Learners' Proficiency , 第2回九州大学女性研究者 ダイバーシティシンポジウム, 2019.03.
2. Understanding and Use of Collocations Formed with Synonyms by Chinese Learners of Japanese.
3. Development of the Kanji materials for vocabulary usages..
4. The developing a Kanji word training material for Chinese learners
5. Chiharu Oga, Yuri Shimizu, To Utilize Media Materials in Kanji –Vocabulary Study, THE THIRD CLS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2008, 2008.12.
6. Analysis of Fundamental Survey for Developing Kanji-Vocabulary Teaching Materials.