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Chiharu Ohga Last modified date:2019.06.11

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

1. Understanding and Use of Collocations Formed with Synonyms by Chinese Learners of Japanese.
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3. Chiharu Ohga, Yuri Shimizu, To Utilize Media Materials in Kanji –Vocabulary Study, THE THIRD CLS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 2008.12, Japanese language learners who have Kanji backgrounds tend to think they do not have to study Kanji as they know them already. However, to communicate well in Japanese, learners have to acquire knowledge of readings, meanings and usages of the Kanji vocabulary in Japanese language as they can be different from their native languages. There are both advantages and disadvantages for learners who have Kanji backgrounds. One of disadvantages is “strong when it is shown in visual mode (ex. Reading) but weak when it is shown in audio mode (ex. Listening).
This study talks about why and how to bring audio and visual materials to assist learners self study in Kanji vocabulary..
4. Analysis of Fundamental Survey for Developing Kanji-Vocabulary Teaching Materials.
5. Problems of repetition and ellipsis in Chinese Learner's utterances.