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Kentaro Masuda Last modified date:2019.11.27

Professor / Clinical Psychology Educational Administration
Department of Human Sciences
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Other Organization

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Clinical Psychology Educational Administration
Research Interests
  • Research on Stress among Teachers

    keyword : Stress Reaction, Coping, First-Year Teachers, University teacher training courses
  • Research on Bulling and School Refusal

    keyword : Play Therapy, Three Steps of Tied-up Bullying Structure
  • Research on Relationship between School Structure and Educational Counseling Function

    keyword : School Structure, Collaboration, School-Counselor, Triangle of Counseling Function
  • Curriculum Development through cooperation of School and University

    keyword : Overall Learning, Mild Framework, Voluntary
  • Environmental Education centered on Biotope

    keyword : Biotope, School Structure, Fieldwork
Academic Activities
1. Keitaro Ito, Ingunn Fjortoft, Tohru Manabe, Kentaro Masuda, Mahito Kamada and Katsunori Fujiwara , Landscape Design and children’s participation
in a Japanese primary school
- Planning process of school biotope for 5 years -
, Urban Biodiversity and Design, "Conservation Science and Practice Series", (eds) N. Muller, P.Werner, J.G.Kelcey, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, U.K., 441-453 , Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford,, U.K., 441-453, 2010.10, 小学校においてビオトープを製作する過程と地域の生態環境との関係を分析し、ビオトープを中心としたカリキュラム作成と子どもたちの変容を分析した。.