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List of Presentations
Fumio Hiroshima Last modified date:2020.01.24

Professor / Department of Mathematics / Faculty of Mathematics

1. 廣島文生, Schroedinger operators on lattice, Second Summer School: Various aspects of mathematical physics, 2017.07, [URL], The spectrum of Schroedinger operator and non-local Schroedinger operator defined on lattice is discussed..
2. 廣島 文生, Time operator associated with Schroedinger operators, QUTIS, 2016.09.
3. 廣島 文生, Threshold ground state of the semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian,Aarhus university, Aarhus大学コロキウム, 2016.02.
4. 廣島 文生, Analysis of ground state of quantum field theory by Gibbs measures, International Congress of Mathematical Physics(ICMP) 2015, 2015.08.
5. 廣島 文生, Spectrum of semi-relativistic QED by a Gibbs measure, The 51 winter school of theoretical physics(Karpacz Winter Schools in Theoretical Physics), 2015.02.
6. Fumio Hiroshima, Functional integral approach to mathematically rigorous quantum field theory, TJASSST2013, 2013.11.
7. Fumio Hiroshima, Gibbs measure approach to spin-boson model , International conference on stochastic analysis and applications, 2013.10.
8. 廣島 文生, Spectrum of non-commutative harmonic oscillator and related models,
, 2013.09.
9. 廣島 文生, Enhanced binding for quantum field models , 2013.03.
10. Feynman-Kac type formula with cadlag path and generalized Schroedinger operator with spin.
11. , [URL].
12. Asymptotic fields and ground states of quantum field models.
13. Spectral analysis of Schrodinger operators coupled to a qunatm field.
14. Spectral analysis of partcles interacting through quantum fields.
15. Enhanced binding and mass renormalization of QED'.
16. Effective mass and its mass renormalization of nonrelativistic QED.
17. Degenerate ground states of QED.
18. Self-adjointness of the Pauli-Fierz model for arbitrary coupling constants.
19. Self-adjointness of the Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian for arbitrary values of coupling constants.
20. Spectral analysis of atoms interacting with a quantized radiation field.
21. Analysis of the Pauli-Fierz model for arbitrary coupling constant.
22. Ground states of a system interacting with a radiation field: existence, uniqueness and expression.