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Graduate School
Undergraduate School

homepage of NKS architects for the design practice.
Activity of the Kaoru Suehiro laboratory.
Academic Degree
master of engineering, master of architecture
Field of Specialization
architectural design
Outline Activities
I study and teach architecture through the design activity. As I have designed architecture like private house, housing, clinic, town hall and so on, I will extend the design methodology and philosophy for the future through studies in the university. The theme of study is basically related to the word "structure". The modernized design of the wooden structure as the production issue, the structuralism influence on the modern and contemporary Dutch architecture as the theoretical issue, and the conversion design method of the unused modern buildings with fascinate structure as the sustainable issue, are the three major themes. For the education, I focus not only on the practical design training in the university, but also the inter-school and inter-national open activity like the Design Review which I have promoted. I also work as the juries for the public buildings and as the advisor of Kumamoto Artpolis, the architectural design organization of the prefectural government.
Research Interests
  • Design Possibility of Bamboo Architecture.
    keyword : bamboo, architecture, design, joint
  • Design methodology for the reincarnation of modern architecture
    keyword : modern architecture, design, conversion, reincarnation
  • Structural design of contemporary wooden frame made of cedar wood boards.
    keyword : structural design, wooden frame, cedar wood, boards
  • Entrance design and access system of the housings in Amsterdam Zuid area.
    keyword : entrance, design, access system, housing, Amsterdam Zuid
  • Contemporary design method of "nuki" joints in wooden buildings.
    keyword : design method, nuki, joints, wooden building
Current and Past Project
  • A action research to build the "Kashiihama House for All" for the foreign students living in the Kyushu University Kashiihama dormitory.
  • Management and information methodology study for the Islandcity folly workshop.
Academic Activities
1. Kashii Nursery School.
2. architectural work "broken pitched roof house".
3. architectural work "broken pitched roof house".
4. Nagasaki Matsugae International Cruise Ship Terminal.
5. Row house in Dazaifu.
6. Nagasaki Matsugae International Cruise Ship Terminal.
7. club head courtyard house.
8. Clinic with 9 huts.
9. Meteorite Housing.
10. House with Square Skylights.
11. Three Bundled Tubes.
12. Onigiri house.
13. Nishiarita Town Center.
Works, Software and Database
1. We helped to realize "Home for All" in Aso as architects, where is a gathering place for the refugees of the North Kyushu flood disaster. Kumamoto Prefecture supported the whole project..
2. We helped to realize the first 'Home for All" in Sendai city as architects and builders, where is a gathering place for the refugees of the Higashi-nihon earthquake. An architect Toyo Ito initiated the idea and Kumamoto Prefecture and others donated..
3. Broken pitched roof house
4. Kashii Nursery School
5. VI house
6. Nagasaki Matsugae International Cruise Ship Terminal
7. club head courtyard house
8. row house of meteorite shape
9. house with square skylights
10. Clinic with 9 huts
11. Onigiri house
12. House with five frames
13. 3 bundled tubes
14. Nishiarita town center
15. Kitazato Arena
16. row house in Kanoya.
17. 3 courtyards house
18. norimaki house
19. YKK Kurobe Horikiri Dormitory
20. funnel house
21. 3+2house
22. Kobayashi clinic
  • VI house
  • Nagasaki Port Matsugae Cruise Ship Terminal
  • VI house
  • clinic with 9 huts
  • The design work "Onigiri House, Saiki-city, Oita, Japan " is selected for the "Green Good design 2009" in the category of Architecture. The award was organized by the Chicago Atenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The exhibition will be held in July 2009 in Athens.
  • 'Three Bundled Tubes' was awarded the first prize in 'The Woodone competition for architectural works' organized by the material company.
  • The work 'Three bundled Tubes' was awarded the first prize in 'the thoughtful house competition' organized by the kitchen company.
Educational Activities
architectural design studio I + II, urban and architectural design studio II, introduction of architecture, core seminar, architectural design in the undergraduate course.
advanced architectural design seminar, advanced architectural design studio in the master course.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2014.11,I led students to design and build-up the temporary tea ceremony shed for the Kyushu University festival at Ito campus..
  • 2012.11,I led students to design and build-up the temporary wooden shed for the Kyushu University festival at Ito campus..
  • 2011.11,I led students to design and build-up the temporary wooden shed for the Kyushu University festival at Ito campus..
Professional and Outreach Activities
Design Review, an open event of the students' design for the international communication of schools and architects.
Education program for architects in the Japan Institute of Architects.
Management of AUSMIP, Architecture and Urbanism Student Mobility International Program.
Organization of Kumamoto Artpolis Projects (KAP) as an advisor.
Organization of the Island city folly workshop for the realization of the folly designed by students and the selected architect.