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Kyuro Sasaki Last modified date:2019.06.08

Professor / Resource System Engineering / Department of Earth Resources Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Kyuro Sasaki et al.(2015):"Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Sanitary and Safety Engineering", 1-176 (text boock).
2. Kyuro Sasaki(2010):"Introduction to Mineral Resources Production Engineering", Toka-shobou, 1-144 (text boock).
3. Kyuro Sasaki(2010):"Engineering Economy", Toka-shobou, 1-117 (text boock).
4. Kyuro Sasaki, "Controle Engineering for Underground Environment", Ed. by Y. Mizuta, pp.1-33 and 51-53, SANKAIDO(Tokyo), 1993.
5. Kyuro Sasaki, Underground Environment and Safety in Mineral Industry,The Text Series of Education by Correspondence, Akita University..