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Osamu Furukimi Last modified date:2017.12.15

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Academic Degree
Dr. Engineering
Field of Specialization
Ductile Fracture Mechanics, Thermoelectric Material,Computational material engineering
Outline Activities
1)It is necessary to improve the ductile fracture property witch is a dominant factor of press formability in the case of applying high strength steels to actual parts. Our research team showed recently that voids nucleation sites of pure iron made by elecrlolytic process were cross points of double slip. The nitride-quenchinng treatment is studied in our laboratory to improve the surface hardness of steel. 2)New thermo-electrical material with chemical composition gradient are studying to apply in the condition at the constant temperature. This thesis was adopted by NEDO project in 2015-2016 year.
Research Interests
  • Development of Thermoelectric Materials with Chemical Composition Gradient
    keyword : Clathrate, Thermoelectric Material, Chemical composition gradient
  • Development of new high strength steel by nitriding and quenching process
    keyword : High strength steel, Nitriding, Quenching
  • Study on Ductile Fracture Mechanism of Steels
    keyword : Ductile Fracture, Steel
  • Research on regidity of steels
    keyword : regidity, Steel
  • Research on durability of die by surface control and low temperature nitriding.
    keyword : die, shot treatment, low temperature nitriding, surface texture
    2006.04~2015.03Improving life-time and dimensional change stability of die is researched by ultra low temperature nitriding and shot-pinning..
  • Research on mechanism of ductile fracture of hih tensile strength steel sheet by fractograph.
    keyword : high tensile strength steel sheet, ductile fracture, fractograph
    2005.12Improving ductile fracture energy is researched for devolopping a secure steel using 3-D analysis method of fractured surface..
  • Research on improvement of formability and heat resistance property of ferritic stainless steel.
    keyword : ferritic stainless steel, formability, heat resistance property, Laves
    2000.07~2014.03The r value of ferritic stainless steel attained 2.6 by contolling of atom slip system using solute Cr. It was cleared that the anti-oxidation propety is improved by Nb Laves phase in grain boundary..
Academic Activities
1. Osamu Furukimi, Masatosi Aramaki and Naoya Yamada , Development of Long-Life Die used for High Strength Steels with Hybrid-Shot Treatment and Nitriding at Low Temperature, 4th Asian Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (4th AHTSE), Beijing, , Proc. of the 4th Asian Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (4th AHTSE), Beijing,, 2009.10.
2. Osamu Furukimi Kuniaki Ogura and Akira Miyajima, Three-dimensional analysis of iron powder morphology by binocular parallax, Proc. of the conference on computer-assisted materials design and process simulation (COMMP’93), Vol. No. pp.457-462, 1993.09.
3. Tetsu-To-Hagane
Vol.79 8(1993)pp.1003-1010..
4. Osamu Furukimi Keiichi Maruta Teruyoshi Abe Shigeaki Takajo and Yasuhiro Habu, Partially prealloyed steel powder containing nickel and molybdenum for ultra strength sintered materials, Powder Metallurgy, Vol.34 No.3 pp.212-214, 1991.03.
5. Osamu Furukimi and Yoshiyuki Saito, The effects of grain boundary phosphorus segregation and heat-treatment on toughness of 9%Ni steel and its welded joint, ISIJ International, Vol.30 No.5 pp.390-396, 1990.05.
6. Tetsu-To-Hagane
Vol.72 10(1986)pp.1621-1628..
Other Research Activities
  • 2015.03.
  • 2010.11.
  • 2010.10.
  • 2009.10.
  • 2005.10.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Engineering Academy of Japan
  • The Japan Society for Heat Treatment
  • The Japan Institute of Metals
  • The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
  • Deformation of High Strength Sheet Steels for Automobile Parts