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Akira Ito Last modified date:2018.05.17

Associate Professor / Molecular and Biochemical Systems Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
D. Eng.
Field of Specialization
Medical Biotechnology
Outline Activities
Medical application of functionarized magnetic nanoparticles

Since magnetic particles have unique features, the development of a variety of medical applications has been possible. The most unique feature of magnetic particles is their reaction to a magnetic force, and this feature has been utilized in applications such as drug targeting and bioseparation including cell sorting. Recently, magnetic nanoparticles have attracted attention because of their potential as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and heating mediators for cancer therapy (hyperthermia). Magnetite cationic liposomes (MCLs)–one of the groups of cationic magnetic particles—can be used as carriers to introduce magnetite nanoparticles into target cells since their positively charged surface interacts with the negatively charged cell surface; furthermore, they find applications to hyperthermic treatments. Magnetite nanoparticles conjugated with antibodies (antibody-conjugated magnetoliposomes, AMLs) are also applid to hyperthermia and have enabled tumor-specific contrast enhancement in MRI via systemic administration. Since magnetic nanoparticles are attracted to a high magnetic flux density, it is possible to manipulate cells labeled with magnetic nanoparticles using magnets; this feature has been applied in tissue engineering. Magnetic force and MCLs were used to construct multilayered cell structures and a heterotypic layered 3D coculture system. Thus, the applications of these functionalized magnetic nanoparticles with their unique features will further improve medical techniques.
Research Interests
  • Tissue engineering using functional magnetite nanoparticles
    keyword : Tissue engineering, Magnetic nanoparticle, Liposome, Cell culture
    2003.04Tissue engineering using magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic force..
  • Hyperthermia using functional magnetite nanoparticles
    keyword : Hyperthermia, Cancer immunotherapy, Magnetic nanoparticle, Liposome, Heat shock protein
    2000.04Heat-Immunotherapy using magnetic nanoparticles..
Current and Past Project
  • Heat-Immunotherapy for malignant melanoma by using melanoma-targeted nanoparticles (NPrCAP/ML).
Academic Activities
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Membership in Academic Society
  • Incorporation of Capillary-Like Structures into Dermal Cell Sheets Constructed by Magnetic Force-Based Tissue Engineering
  • Effective Cell-Seeding Technique Using Magnetite Nanoparticles and Magnetic Force onto Decellularized Blood Vessels for Vascular Tissue Engineering