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List of Books
Hidenori Hamada Last modified date:2019.06.26

Professor / Engineering of Construction and Environmental Material Design / Faculty of Engineering

1. R. Narayan Swamy, 谷川 伸, 濵田 秀則, Jaw Chang Laiw, Takeshi Oshiro, Surface Coating for Sustainable Protection and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, Ko-bunsya, Japan, 2012.12, 表面被覆材によるコンクリートの長寿命化に関するこれまでの研究成果を取り纏めたもの.
2. Corrosion Prevention of Marine Steel Structure.
3. Handbook on Concrete Engineering.
4. Standard Specification for Concrete Structures -2007, Maintenance.
5. Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures-2007, Materials and Construction.