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Naoki Kimura Last modified date:2020.01.23

Assistant Professor / Industrial Process Engineering / Department of Chemical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Peter Awad, Naoki Kimura, Gen Inoue, Yoshifumi Tsuge, Energetic minimization of liquefied natural gas single nitrogen expander process using real coded genetic algorithm, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING OF JAPAN, 10.1252/jcej.18we005, 52, 1, 130-137, 2019.01, LNG process optimization using Genetic Algorithms was investigated and compared with knowledge-based search algorithm implemented on the same process with the same objective function. The aim was to investigate the effectiveness of such algorithm in contrast to Genetic Algorithms. Scrupulous attention was given to simulating the same process as previous research using HYSYS®. The simulation software was connected to the C++ GA library (GALib) via Component Object Model (COM) Technology. Steady State, Incremental and Deme Genetic Algorithm implementations were tried out and the Deme Genetic Algorithm was found to be superior to other implementations. Mutation and crossover operators were changed exponentially throughout the GA run. The results show 27% reduction in specific power consumption when compared to the optimum case obtained by earlier research. This proves the superiority of Genetic Algorithms over Knowledge based search algorithms suggested by earlier research..
2. Takeru Kono, Chika Kawahara, Naoki Kimura, Yoshifumi Tsuge, Application of strategy switching mechanism with improved strategy for heat exchanger network design, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 10.1016/B978-0-444-64241-7.50153-1, 44, 949-954, 2018.07, Heat exchanger network (HEN) is one of the major technique of energy saving. We have proposed a HEN design system using pinch technology and multiagent. In this system, the maximum heat recovery is derived from pinch technology. And then, an initial HEN can be obtained according to the AreaTargeting method in order to meet the maximum heat recovery. The initial HEN has complexity and a number of heat exchangers due to the AreaTargeting method. Therefore it is necessary to simplify the HEN without deterioration of the energy saving efficiency. In our system, simplification strategy is defined to prescribe the priority order of procedure and/or the part of HEN. The number and variety of resulted HENs increase along with the number of strategies. It is useful if a large number of HENs with wide variety is obtained because the preferable HEN must be different due to the process objectives or conditions. We implemented several HEN design agents (HENDAs) with different simplification strategies. In this study, we introduced several improvements in simplification strategy of HENDAs using strategy switching mechanism. Several HENDAs have their own strategy, and then they exchange the HENs on the way—that is “strategy switching” from the standpoint of a HEN. We investigated the effect of improvements in the simplification strategies and strategy switching mechanism..
3. Naoki Kimura, Yuya Takeda, Yoshifumi Tsuge, Agent Based Fault Detection System for Chemical Processes using Negative Selection Algorithm, Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, 3, 2, 90-98, 2018.03.
4. Takashi Hamaguchi, Hiroto Sakashita, Hiroki Moritani, Kazuhiro Takeda, Naoki Kimura, Masaru Noda, Method for Designing Alarm System using DAEs, CE Matrices, and Preference Indices, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 50, 6, 439-444, 2017.06.
5. Kazuhiro Takeda, Takashi Hamaguchi, Naoki Kimura, Masaru Noda, Business Process Model Approach for Management of Plant Alarm System, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 10.1252/jcej.14we331, 48, 8, 641-645, 2015.08.
6. Takashi Hamaguchi, Bunta Mondori, Kazuhiro Takeda, Naoki Kimura, Masaru Noda, A Method for Generation and Check of Alarm Configurations Using Cause-Effect Matrices for Plant Alarm System Design, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10.1007/978-3-319-20618-9_54, 9173, 549-556, (HIMI 2015 Part II), 2015.07.
7. Kazuhiro Takeda, Takashi Hamaguchi, Naoki Kimura, Masaru Noda, Modelling of a Business Process for Alarm Management Lifecycle in Chemical Industries, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10.1007/978-3-319-20618-9_57, 9173, 579-587, (HIMI 2015 Part II), 2015.07.
8. Kazuhiro Takeda, Takashi Hamaguchi, Naoki Kimura, Masaru Noda, A Design Method of Plant Alarm System for First Alarm Alternative Signals using Modularied CE Model, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 92, 406-411, 2014.09.
9. Naoki Kimura, Takashi Hamaguchi, Kazuhiro Takeda, Masaru Noda, Determination of Alarm Setpoint for Alarm System Rationalization Using Performance Evaluation, HCI International, 8017, partII, 507-514, 2013.07.
10. Kazuhiro TAKEDA, Annuar H.B.M. AIMI, Takashi HAMAGUCHI, Masaru NODA, Naoki KIMURA, Design Method of Plant Alarm Systems on the Basis of Two-Layer Cause-Effect Model, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6883, 415-422, 2011.05.
11. Naoki Kimura , Kizuki Yasue, Tekishi Kou, and Yoshifumi Tsuge, A Multiagent Approach for Sustainable Design of Heat Exchanger Networks, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 6277, 409-416, 2010.09.
12. Kazuhiro TAKEDA, Takashi HAMAGUCHI, Masaru NODA, Naoki KIMURA, and Toshiaki ITOH, Use of Two-Layer Cause-Effect Model to Select Source of Signal in Plant Alarm System, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 6277, 381-388, 2010.09.
13. A Method of Performance Evaluation for Plant Alarm System on Basis of Cause-Effect Model.
14. Plant Alarm Signal Selection on the Basis of Two-Layers Cause-Effect Model.
15. Development of Procurement Management System at Re-roll Maker.
16. Construction of WEB Sales Information System for Re-roll Maker.
17. Yoshifumi TSUGE, Naoki KIMURA, Kazuhiro TAKEDA, Prediction of Normal States of the Unsteady-State Process Using the Database Model —Application to PVC Batch Process—, Journal of the Society of Plant Engineers Japan, Vol.18, No.4, p.p.260-266, 2008.03.
18. Construction of Business Support System for Supply Chain Management at Re-roll Maker.
19. Naoki KIMURA, Hideyuki MATSUMOTO and Chiaki KURODA: "Collaborative Dynamic Acquisition of Simulation Models for Micro Chemical Plant" Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
20. N. Kimura, H. Matsumoto, C. Kuroda, Dynamic Acquisition of Models for Multiagent-Oriented Simulation of Micro Chemical Processes, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.3214, p.p.412-417, 2004.09.
21. Hideyuku MATSUMOTO, Kazunori MATAKE, Naoki KIMURA and Chiaki KURODA, Kagaku Kougaku Ronbunshu.