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List of Books
Shigeru Hamada Last modified date:2018.12.29

Associate Professor / Strength of Materials / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Kazunari SASAKI, Hydrogen Energy Engineering: A Japanese Perspective (Green Energy and Technology), Springer, 2016.09.
2. Shigeru Hamada, Kenji Hasizume, Hiroyuki Nakaura and Yoshihide Sugimoto, "Strength Reliability of Micro Polycrystalline Silicon Structure" in "Microsensors", INTECH, pp.237-252, 2011.06, [URL].
3. Kazunori Morishige, Yuna Maeda, Shigeru Hamada and Hiroshi Noguchi, "Evaluation Method for Mean Stress Effect on Fatigue Limit of Non-Combustible Mg Alloy"
in "Magnesium Alloys - Design, Processing and Properties"
, INTECH, pp.113-121, 2010.12, [URL].
4. Fractgraphy - Fracture surface and analysis of fracture surfaec information.