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Hidetoshi Higashi Last modified date:2018.05.11

Professor / Department of International Society and Culture
Department of Cultural Studies
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Chinese literature
Research Interests
  • Comprehensive research in relation to the compilation and transmission of a person of cultural importance from the Song dynastys anthoiogy
    keyword : Song dynasty ,Ouyang xiu
  • The Newly Found Ouyang Xiu’s 96 Letters
    keyword : Ouyang Xiu, New Found 96 Letters, Zhou Bida
  • Deployment and stylistics research of the Southern Song prose
    keyword : Southern Song 、Guwen(prose)
  • Stylistics Research on the Practical Use Side of the Ancient Writing of the Tang and Song Age
    keyword : Ou-yang Xiu, the Tang and Song age, the ancient writing, Xu ci, the stylistical special feature
Academic Activities
1. Stylistics Research on the Practical Use Side of the Ancient Writing of the Tang and Song Age.
2. For the 500TH Anniversary of Keian.
1. The Newly Found Ouyang Xius 96 Letters.
2. On the Stylistic Feature of Wu Dai Shi Ji Written by Ou-yang Xiu from the Perspective of the Usage of Function Words.
3. Stylistic features of the historical texts of Ou-yang xiu.
4. Stylistic features of the Wu Dai Shi Ji by Ou-yang Xiu from the standpoint of his usage of Xu ci.
5. A characterisitic of OUyang Xiu's Liuyi shihua writing style.
6. On the Creation Process of “Kan Gaku Kigen”.
7. On the characteristic of OU-yang Xiu's Prose focused on the use of particle.
8. Ijichi Kian and Kei An-Focusing on Kan Gaku Ki Gen-.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Song Period Chinese Literature