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Tsujii Masato Last modified date:2016.10.03

Professor / Faculty of Mathematics
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Academic Degree
Doctoral degree of Science
Field of Specialization
Outline Activities
My research area is dynamical system theory(the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations). I study transfer operators associated to dynamical systems by using methods of functional analysis such as Fourier analysis and semi-classical analysis. My main target of research now is the geodesic flows on negatively curved manifold, which is a type of chaotic hyperbolic flow, and the corresponding transfer operators and semi-calsscial zeta funtions.

For education, I gave lectures on basic calculus and linear algebra for freshmen, on comlex function theory for senior students in the technology depatrment and also for students in mathematics department. In the lectures, I tried to let the student understand that mathematics is available in many aspects of real life and also in many braches of science. I also tried to present mathematics as a type of exact science.

For contribution to the society, I am convinced that my main contribution should be to educate the student and develop their talents. I am organizing the ESSP program for talented high school student in science.
Research Interests
  • Transfer operators for geodesic flows and the semi-classical zeta function
    keyword : geodesic flow, transfer operators, the semi-classical zeta functions
  • Functional analytic methods in dynamical systems theory
    keyword : hypebolic dynamical systems, transfer operators, dynamical zeta functions
Academic Activities
1. Tsujii Masato, Geodesic flows on negatively curved manifolds and the semi-classical zeta function, 日本数学会, 2014.07.
2. Tsujii Masato, On the Fourier transforms of self-similar measures, Dynamical Systems – an international journal, 2015.11.
3. Tsujii Masato, Band structure of the Ruelle spectrum of contact Anosov flows, COMPTES RENDUS MATHEMATIQUE, 351, 9-10, 385-391, 2013.05.
4. Tsujii Masato, Contact Anosov flows and the Fourier–Bros–Iagolnitzer transform, Ergodic theory and Dynamical systems (Cambridge University Press), 32, 6, 2012.10.
5. 辻井 正人, Quasi-compactness of transfer operators for contact Anosov flows, Nonlinearity, 2010.02.
6. Viviane Baladi, Masato TSUJII, Dynamical determinants and spectrum for hyperbolic diffeomorphisms, "Probabilistic and Geometric Structures in Dynamics", K. Burns, D. Dolgopyat and Ya. Pesin (eds), Contemp. Math. (Amer. Math. Soc.), Volume in honour of M. Brin's 60th birthday, 29-68ページ, 2008.10.
7. 辻井 正人, Decay of correlations in suspension semi-flow of angle-multiplying maps , Ergodic Therory and Dynamical Systems (Cambridge), 2007.12.
1. 辻井 正人, Exponential mixing for generic volume-preserving Anosov flows in dimension three, Mixing flows and averaging method, 2016.04.24, [URL].
2. 辻井 正人, The spectrum of semi-classical transfer operator for expanding semi-flows with holes, Fractal Geometry, Hyperbolic Dynamics and Thermodynamical Formalism, 2016.03.10, [URL].
3. Tsujii Masato, The error term of The prime Orbit Theorem for expanding semi-flows, School and Conference on Dynamical Systems, 2015.08.06, [URL].
4. Tsujii Masato, Spectrum of transfer operators for expanding semi-flows., 国際数学者会議(ICM2014)サテライト会議 Dynamical systems and related topics, 2014.08.11.
5. Tsujii Masato, Resonances for geodesic flows on negatively curved manifolds, 国際数学者会議(ICM2014), 2014.08.14.
6. 辻井 正人, Geodesic flows on negatively curved manifolds and the semi-classical zeta function, Measurable and Topological Dynamical Systems,  Keio 2013, 2013.12.11, [URL].
7. Tsujii Masato, Spectrum of geodesic flow on negatively curved manifold, Hyperbolicity and Dimension, 2013.12.05, [URL].
8. Tsujii Masato, The semi-classical zeta function, ICTP-ESF School and Conference in Dynamical Systems, 2012.06.07.
9. Decay of correlations and dynamical zeta functions for hyperbolic flows.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Mathematical Society
  • Functional analytic methods in smooth ergodic theory.
Professional and Outreach Activities
As the chief of committee, I am running the ESSP program. .