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YAMASHITA NOBORU Last modified date:2019.04.18

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Law
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Additional Payment
    keyword : Additional Payment
  • Dismissals and Labor Relation Termination
    keyword : Dismissals, Labor Relation Termination
  • continued employment
    keyword : continued employment
  • Study of Dismissal Law in Modern CHINA
    keyword : China Labor Law Dismissal
Academic Activities
1. Formation of labor contract law in china.
1. Dismissal Law in China.
2. Unemplyoment Insurance in China.
3. Case and Study~Negishi Byoin Jiken.
4. Labor Contract Law in China.
5. Case and Study~Kanagawa Nogyo Shinyo Kyodokumiai Jiken.
6. The Policy Aims and Rules of the Employment Insurance Benefit.
7. case and study~Kurisutaru Kankobasu jiken.
8. case and study~kumagaigumi jiken.
9. 山下昇, 「高年齢者の雇用確保措置をめぐる法的諸問題」, 日本労働研究雑誌, 550号43-50頁, 2006.05.
10. case and study~nestle japan jiken.
11. Early retirement.
12. 山下昇, 「労働協約で定められた賞与算定対象期間勤務し支給日前に脱退した元組合員の賞与請求権の存否及び協約不成立を理由とする賞与不支給の不法行為性-京王電鉄事件」, 法政研究, 71巻1号153-165頁, 2004.07.
13. study of labor law in modern china.
14. Measures of old-age employee in the future.
15. 山下昇, 「中国における雇用の流動化と労働関係の終了」, 日本労働法学会誌, 102号141-152頁, 2003.10.
16. case and study~varig jiken.
17. case and study~proud foot japan jiken.
18. case and study~JR Tokai.
19. case and study~kofuku bank jiken.
20. case and study~yasuda seimeihoken jiken.
1. Regulatory control of Fixed-term employment contract and Worker dispatching.
2. informal employment.
3. Labor Contract Law in China.
4. The Policy Aims and Roles of the Employment Insurance Benefit.
Educational Activities
Labor Law