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Yosuke Taniguchi Last modified date:2018.06.09

Associate Professor / Bioorganic and Synthetic Chemistry
Department of Chemo-Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Field of Specialization
Bioorganic and Synthetic Chemistry
Research Interests
  • development of nucleoside analogue for the recognition of oxidative nucleoside damage
    keyword : nucleoside damage
  • Development of the functional oligonucleotide
    keyword : Inhibition of gene expression, repair
  • Development of the nucleoside analogs having RNA editing effect
    keyword : RNA editing, functional oligonucleotide
Academic Activities
1. Okamura H, Taniguchi Y, Sasaki S, Aminopyridinyl-pseudodeoxycytidine derivatives selectively stabilize antiparalleltriplex DNA with multiple CG inversion sites, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 128(40), 12633-12637, 2016.08.
2. Yin Y, Sasaki S, Taniguchi Y, Effects of 8-halo-7-deaza-2'-deoxyguanosine triphosphate on DNA synthesis by DNApolymerase and cell proliferation, Bioorg. Med. Chem., 24(16), 3856-3861, 2016.08.
3. Koga Y, Taniguchi Y, Kikukawa Y, Sasaki S, Recognition and detection of 8-oxo-rG in RNA using the DNA/OMeRNAchimera probes containing fluorescent adenosine-diazaphenoxazine analogue, Bioorg. Med. Chem., 24(6), 1308-1313, 2016.05.
4. Yin Y, Sasaki S, Taniguchi Y, Inhibitory Effect of 8-Halogenated-7-deaza-2'-deoxyguanosine Triphosphates on Human 8-Oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine Triphosphatase, hMTH1, Actibities, ChemBioChem, doi/10.1002/cbic.201500589, 17(7) 566-569, 2016.05.
5. Taniguchi Y, Tomizaki A, Matsueda N, Okamura H, Sasaki S, Enhancement of TFO Triplex Formation by Conjugation withPyrene via Click Chemistry, 63 (11) 920-926., 2015.06.
6. Yin Y, Sasaki S, Taniguchi Y, Recognition and excision properties of 8-halogenated-deaza-2'-deoxyguanosine as 8-oxo-2'-deoxyguaanosine analogues and FPG and hOGG1 inhibitors, 16(8), 1190-1198 , 2015.05.
7. Taniguchi Y, Kikukawa Y, Shigeki S, Discrimination Between 8-Oxo-2'-Deoxyguanosine and 2'-Deoxyguanosine in DNA by the Single Nucleotide Primer Extension Reaction with Adap Triphosphate, 54(17), 5147-5151., 2015.04.
8. Yin Yizhen, Yosuke Taniguchi, Shigeki Sasaki, Synthesis of 8-halogenated-7-deaza-2'-deoxyguanosine as an8-oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine analogue and evaluation of its base pairing properties, 70(11), 2040-2047 (2014), 2014.06.
9. Yosuke Taniguchi, Keitaro Fukabori, Yoshiya Kikukawa, Yohei Koga, Shigeki Sasaki, 2,6-Diaminopurine nucleoside derivative of 9-ethyloxy-2-oxo-1,3-diazaphenoxazine(2-amino-Adap) for recognition of 8-oxo-dG in DNA, 22(5), 1634-1641 (2014), 2014.05.
10. Yosuke Taniguchi, Yohei Koga, Shigeki Sasaki, Synthesis of 8-oxoguanosine phosphoramidite and its incorporation intooligoribonucleotides, UNIT4.58 56:4.58.1-4.58., 2014.04.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Antisense DNA/RNA Society
  • Japanese Society for Chemical Biology
  • The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
  • The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
  • The Chemical Society of Japan