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Steven Jos Van Uytsel Last modified date:2018.01.09

Associate Professor / International Economic Law
Department of International Legal Studies
Faculty of Law

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
competition law, law and economics, consumer law and natural resources law
Research Interests
  • The Japanese Leniency Program
    keyword : competition law, leniency, empirical study
  • Competition law and enforcement
    keyword : Competition law, enforcement, leniency program
  • Law and Culture (Trade and Culture, Safeguarding, Protecting)
    keyword : Law and Culture
  • Competition Law and Internationalization
    keyword : competition law; internationalization
Current and Past Project
  • This projects aims at mapping out the laws that regulate the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage or that affect the regulation of intangible cultural heritage in the Mekong area.
Academic Activities
1. Steven Van Uytsel, Collective Actions, Access to Justice and Multilayer Interests: Enhancement and Reconciliation in the Field of Competition Law?,, 57, 2012.04.
2. Stefan Wrbka, Steven Van Uytsel & Mathias Siems, Access to Justice and Collective Actions: Florence and Beyond, Collective Actions: Enhancing Access to Justice and Reconciling Multilayer Interests?, 1-19, 2012.04.
3. Steven Van Uytsel, Beyond the European Community Treaty Provisions: A Need to Question the Cassis de Dijon Rule of Reason in Wouters?, Hosei Kenkyuu, 76, 1-2, F1-248, 2009.12, [URL].
1. Steven Jos Van Uytsel, Tackling Cartel Behavior in the Japanese Society: A Quest for a Different Approach, The Asian Law and Society, 2016.09.
Educational Activities
Contemporary Issues in Competition Law; Law and Economics of Competition Law; Legal Research Training; Research Methodology and Writing; Nature, Business and Law; Eigo IV