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Toru OGA Last modified date:2019.07.24

Associate Professor / Political Dynamics Analysis
Department of Political Science
Faculty of Law

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Ph.D. in Ideology and Discourse Analysis
Field of Specialization
International Politics, Study of International Society/Community, East Asian Regionalism
Outline Activities
Research and Education based on International Politics, International Society/Community, East Asian Regionalism, Asian Civil society.
Research Interests
  • Disciplinary history of International Politics and International Society/Community
    keyword : Discourses on International Politics, International Society/Community, Classical Realism
    2006.01International Politics .
  • International Politics of International Society/Community and its Borders/Boundaries
    keyword : Democracy and Civil Society beyond borders, Politics of boundary (Border)
    2006.01Political Theory.
  • Regional Integration and Civil Society in East Asia
    keyword : Asian Regionalism, Asian Civil Society
    2001.10Regional Integration, Asian Regionalism, Asian Civil Society.
Academic Activities
Other Educational Activities
  • 2009.09.
  • 2009.09.
  • 2009.04.