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Shu Ei (Emily) Last modified date:2017.11.25

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Doctor of Commerce, Hitosubashi University
Field of Specialization
Institution and Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Research Interests
  • ①Institution based view on organization studies and strategy
    ②Cognition & Capability
    ➂Emerging Market Studies
    keyword : Institution & Organization
Academic Activities
1. (Co-edited), Vol.1: Advances in Technology and Innovation Management , IEEE Technology Management Council, 2012.07.
1. Shu, E., & Arie Y. Lewin. 2017, A Resource Dependence Perspective on Low-Power Actors Shaping Their Regulatory Environment, Organization Studies, Vol 38 (8):1039-1058, [URL].
2. Shu Ei (Emily). 2017, Emergent strategy in an entrepreneurial firm: The case of Lenovo in its formative years, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol. 12 (3):625-636..
3. YING ZHU, "Incumbent Response to Technological Change: Hybrid Vehicle Development", IEEE: ISMOT Paper Proceedings, 2012.11.
1. Ei Shu & Arie. Y. Lewin, Firm Strategic Actions to Social Movements and the Co-Creation of Institutional Opportunity, Academy of Management 2017 Annual Conference, Atlanta, USA, 2017.08.08.
2. Ei Shu, A Problem-Solving Process for Developing Capabilities. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Houston, TX, USA, 2017.10.30.
3. Ei Shu, Low Power Actors Shaping Regulatory Environment: A Resource Dependence View. Research Seminar at Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba, Canada, 2017.09.08.
4. Ei Shu, Problem Framing and Problem Solving Process on Capability Development, Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Banff, Canada, 2017.06.03.
5. Ei Shu, Influence or being influenced: Social movements and strategic action, Strategic Management Society 2016 Annual Conference. Berlin, Germany, 2016.09.18.
6. E Shu, Influence or being influenced: Social movements and strategic action. in "AoM-Symposium: Synthesizing Institutional Analysis with Identity Work in Explaining Environment Sustainability", Organized by F, Grace., & E. Shu., Academy of Management 2016 Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA, USA, 2016.08.09.
7. E Shu, Cognition and different modes of capability development, Druid-Asia Inaugural Conference 2016, Singapore, 2016.02.23.
8. Ei Shu, Cognitive Micro-Foundations of Developing Capabilities, Academy of Management 2015 Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, 2015.08.11.
9. Ei Shu & Arie Lewin, Low power actor reshaping regulatory environment. Academy of Management 2014 Annual Meeting, OMT Division, Philadelphia, PA , 2014.08.05.
10. AOM-PDW 2014, Exploiting Formal Institutional Opportunity Spaces: Unexplored Sources of Firm Survival and Growth. Academy of Management 2014 Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA, 2014.08.02.
11. Ying Zhu, "Cognitive shift and development of dynamic capability: Evidence from Japanese automobile industry," Adacemy of Management Annual Meeting PDW Session "New directions in strategic management by Japanese firms", Orlando, USA, 2013.08.10.
12. Ying Zhu, Reshaping Cognition in Building Dynamic Capability: Automobile Emission Control Technology Development. The 35th DRUID Celebration Conference. Barcelona, Spain, 2013.06.19.
13. Ying Zhu, Social construction on technology: A comparative view based on cross-cultural learning. Workshop on Understanding Organizational Innovation through Interdisciplinary and Cross Cultural Scholarship and Research, Stanford University School of Engineering (SDGC), 2013.04.27.
14. Ying Zhu, New thinking for global competitiveness and sustainable development. Invited Research Seminar at The Business School of University of Ballarat, Australia , 2013.02.18.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2012.05.
  • 2010.08.