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List of Presentations
Yoshito Ogata Last modified date:2018.07.03

Associate Professor / Social innovation design / Department of Design Strategy / Faculty of Design

1. Jin Liu ,Yoshito Ogata, 「Research on Innovative Design and Industrialization of Folk Embroidery Crafts of Miao Nationality in Southern Sichuan(No.18SB0544) 」, Major Project of Education Department in Sichuan , 2017.06.
2. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, A study of the psychological resilience of the elderly based on the Artificial Neural Network                         , 2018 2nd IEEE Advanced Information Management, 2018.05.
3. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, The Methods of Tea Waste Reutilization and Economic Benefits Analysis                               , 2017 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Material , 2017.07.
4. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, レジリエンスについての行為分析に基づく製品設計中の応用研究, 中華民国設計学会, 2017.05.
5. Design of Life-like Agent Forcusing on Children.
6. Product design concept for Self-medication.
7. Product design concept for Self-medication.