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List of Papers
Yoshito Ogata Last modified date:2020.01.27

Associate Professor / Social innovation design / Department of Design Strategy / Faculty of Design

1. Pin Gao, Yoshito Ogata, Biodegradability of PLA and Tea Waste Composites Based ob "CHAMU" and the "Tea Waste Recycling System", Materials Research Society, 2019.04.
2. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, Research on the image of sweeping robot based on the Artificial Neural Network, MATEC Web of Conferences 学会誌、EDP sciences、ISSN 2261-236X、Vol.139、00059-85、2017年12月5日。(EI Compendex 収録)             , 2017.12.
3. 宋暢、賀佳、尾方義人, A study of the psychological resilience of the elderly based on the Artificial Neural Network、, 2018 2nd IEEE Advanced Information Management,Communicates, 2017.12.
4. 高品, 尾方 義人, Based on Hot Pressing Process,Research on the relationship between the strength of tea stalk board and tea varieties, Construction Materials and Decoration , 2017.11.
5. 劉 瑾, 尾方 義人, 高齢者の認知症予防トレーニングの行動分析, 工業デザイン研究 四川省教育庁, Vol.04, 1, 2016.06.
6. 劉 瑾, 尾方 義人, The Application of Speed Warning on Highway Using Anti-Dazzle Panel Based on Persistence of Vision Effect, Mechanical Components and Control Engineering , 10.4028/, Vol.11, 1, 1462-1465p, 2014.10, According to persistence of vision and the principle of color overlay, a new painting method of anti-dazzle panel is proposed. This painting method could allow drivers to see different colors under different speeds, which could be a means to inform drivers of their speeds. First the research analyzes the time of persistence of vision and the process of color overlay; then establishing the relationship between travel speed and color overlay based on persistence of vision; at last, using animation to simulating the method proposed in the research and illustrating the feasibility of this method..