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Shinji Kanegawa Last modified date:2019.06.28

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Ph. D.
Field of Specialization
Physical organic chemistry
Research Interests
  • Development of Multi-functional Molecular Materials by Chirality
    keyword : Multi-functional Molecular materials, Chirality, Physical Properties, magnetism, Self Organization
  • Study about Photo-responsive multi-functional molecular materials based on spin crossover Fe complexes.
    keyword : molecular magnetism, conductivity, Dielectric property, Spin crossover complex
  • Investigation of Multi-functional Molecular Materials Based on Valence Tautomerism

    keyword : molecular magnetism, Multi-functionalized material, photo-induced electron transfer, metal complex
  • photo-magnetic properties of Co VT Complexes
    keyword : molecular magnetism, photo-induced electron transfer, metal complex
  • 2008- Development of Photo-switchable Molecular Magnetic Materials
    -2007 Study of monometallic Single-molecule Magnets Consisted of 2p-3d Heterospin System
    keyword : molecular magnetism, photo-induced electron transfer, organic radical, metal complex
Academic Activities
1. Shinji Kanegawa, KANG SOONCHUL, Osamu Sato, Preparation and Valence Tautomeric Behavior of a Cobalt-Dioxolene Complex with a New TTF-functionalized Phenanthroline Ligand, CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 10.1246/cl.130118, 42, 7, 700-702, 2013.07.
2. Liu, T; Zhang, YJ; Kanegawa, S; Sato, O, Photoinduced Metal-to-Metal Charge Transfer toward Single-Chain Magnet, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 10.1021/ja1027953, 132, 24, 8250, 2010.06.
3. Shinji Kanegawa, Satoru Karasawa, Masataka Maeyama, Motohiro Nakano, and Noboru Koga, Crystal Design of Monometallic Single-Molecule Magnets Consisting of Cobalt-Aminoxyl Heterospins, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 10.1021/ja0767579, 130, 10, 3079-3094, 2008.03.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society for Molecular Science
  • The Japanes Photochemistry Associtation
  • Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry
  • American Chemical Society
  • The Chemical Society of Japan