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List of Papers
Kenji Tahara Last modified date:2017.10.31

Associate Professor / Control Systems / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. Ken Masuya, Shu Ono, Kentaro Takagi, Kenji Tahara, Modeling Framework for Macroscopic Dynamics of Twisted and Coiled Polymer Actuator Driven by Joule Heating Focusing on Energy and Convective Heat Transfer, Sensors and Actuators, 2017.10.
2. Hitoshi Kino, Hiroaki Ochi, Yuki Matsutani, Kenji Tahara, Sensorless Point-to-point control for a musculoskeletal tendon-driven manipulator: Analysis of a two-DOF planar system with six tendons, Advanced Robotics, 2017.09.
3. Ryuta Ozawa, Kenji Tahara, Grasp and dexterous manipulation of multi-fingered robotic hands: a review from a control view point, Advanced Robotics, 2017.09.
4. Efi Psomopoulou, Daiki Karashima, Zoe Doulgeri, Kenji Tahara, Stable pinching by controlling finger relative orientation of robotic fingers with rolling soft tips, Robotica, 2017.08.
5. Miao Li, Kenji Tahara, Aude Billard, Learning task manifolds for constrained object manipulation, Autonomous Robots, 2017.06.
6. Tetsuya Morizono, Kenji Tahara, Hitoshi Kino, A study on effect of biarticular muscles in an antagonistically actuated robot arm through numerical simulations, Artificial Life and Robotics, 22, 1, 2016.09.
7. Akihiro Kawamura, Kenji Tahara, Ryo Kurazume, Tsutomu Hasegawa, Dynamic grasping of an arbitrary polyhedral object, Robotica, 31, 4, 2013.07.
8. Hitoshi Kino, Shiro Kikuchi, Yuki Matsutani, Kenji Tahara, Takahiro Nishiyama, Numeracal Analysis of Feedforward Position Control for Non-pulley Musculoskeletal System: a Case Study of Muscular Arrangements of a Two-link Planar System with Six Muscles, Robotics Society of Japan, 27, 16, 2013.03.
9. Akihiro Kawamura, Kenji Tahara, Ryo Kurazume, Tsutomu Hasegawa, Robust visual servoing for object manipulation against temporary loss of sensory information using a multi-fingered hand-arm, Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics, 25, 1, 2013.01.
10. K. Tahara, S. Arimoto, R. Ozawa and Z.W. Luo, Bio-mimetic pinching movements of musculo-skeletal dual finger model, Advanced Robotics, 25, 1-2, 175-204, 2011.01.
11. K. Tahara and H. Kino, Reaching movements of a redundant musculo-skeletal arm: Acquisition of an adequate internal force by iterative learning and its evaluation through a dynamic damping ellipsoid, Advanced Robotics, 24, 5-6, 783-818, 2010.04.
12. S. Arimoto, M. Sekimoto and K. Tahara, What does the central nervous system or computer learn through exercises of multi-joint movement, Journal of Robotics, 2010.03.
13. S. Arimoto, M. Yoshida, M. Sekimoto and K. Tahara, Modeling and control of 2-D grasping of an object with arbitrary shape under rolling contact, SICE Journal of Control, Measurement and System Integration, 2, 6, 379-386, 2009.06.
14. S. Arimoto, M. Yoshida, M. Sekimoto and K. Tahara, A Riemannian-geometry approach for modeling and control of dynamics of object manipulation under constraints, Journal of Robotics, 2009.03.
15. K. Tahara, S. Arimoto, M. Sekimoto and Z.W. Luo, On control of reaching movements for musculo-skeletal redundant arm model, Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, 6, 1, 57-72, 2009.03.
16. S. Arimoto, M. Yoshida, M. Sekimoto and K. Tahara, A Riemannian-geometry approach for control of robotic systems under constraints, SICE Journal of Control, Measurement and System Integration, 2, 2, 107-116, 2009.02.
17. H. Kino, T. Yahiro, S. Taniguchi and K. Tahara, Sensorless position control using feedforward internal force for completely restrained parallel-wiredriven systems, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 25, 2, 467-474, 2009.02.
18. K. Tahara, Z.W. Luo, S. Arimoto and H. Kino, Sensory-motor control mechanism for reaching movements of a redundant musculo-skeletal arm, Journal of Robotic Systems, 22, 11, 639-651, 2005.11.
19. S. Arimoto, M. Yoshida, J.-H. Bae and K. Tahara, Dynamic force/torque balance of 2D polygonal objects by a pair of rolling contacts and sensorymotor coordination, Journal of Robotic Systems, 20, 9, 517-537, 2003.09.
20. S. Arimoto, K. Tahara and J.-H. Bae, A stability theory on a manifold: Concurrent realization of grasp and orientation control of an object by a pair of robot fingers, Robotica, 21, 2, 163-178, 2003.03.
21. S. Arimoto, K. Tahara, M. Yamaguchi, P.T.A. Nguyen and H.-Y. Han, Principle of superposition for controlling pinch motions by means of robot fingers with soft tips, Robotica, 19, 1, 89-98, 2001.01.