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Chisako T. MASUO Last modified date:2019.07.30

Associate Professor / Department of Social Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

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2. Can we solve issues with China through negotiations?.
3. Chisako Teshima MASUO, "East Asia Security Situation" in "The 9th Canada-Japan Symposium on Peace and Security Cooperation" (March 29-30, 2011, Ottawa, Canada), pp.43-46., (Symposium Report published by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada), 2011.11.
4. Chisako T. Masuo, Regenesis of the People’s East Asia”, Issues & Insights, vol.5-no.1, Pacific Forum CSIS, Vivian Brailey Fritschi ed., China’s Emergence and its Impact on the United States, the Republic of Korea, and Japan: Views from the Next Generation, pp. from 2-3 to 2-5., 2005.01.