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Fujio TSUMORI Last modified date:2017.11.15

Associate Professor / Manufacturing Process
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
metal working, plasticity, powder metallurgy, micro forming, MEMS
Research Interests
  • Development of Micro Powder Imprinting (μPI) Process and Application for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
    keyword : Imprint, Powder Metallurgy, Micro Fabrication, SOFC
  • Development of artificial cilia actuated by an applied magnetic field
    keyword : bio-mimicry, magnetic particle, elastomer
  • Active control of mechanical properties of elastomer dispersed with magnetic particles
    keyword : MEMS, magnetic field, nano particles
  • Development of Powder Process Simulation System by Discrete Element Method
    keyword : Discrete Element Method, DEM, Powder Metallurgy, Simulation
  • Development of Quasi Isostatic Powder Compaction Process using Semi-solid Mold
    keyword : Powder Compaction, Powder Compact, Isostatic Pressing, Semi-solid Material
  • Sintering Simulation by Micro-Macro Coupling Modeling using Homogenization Method
    keyword : Sintering, Coupling Analysis, Homogenization Theory, Simulation
Academic Activities
1. Fujio TSUMORI, Hidenori Kawanishi, Kentaro Kudo, Toshiko Osada, Hideshi Miura, Development of three-dimensional printing system for magnetic elastomer with control of magnetic anisotropy in the structure, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 55-6S1, 2016.06.
2. Fujio TSUMORI, Ryuma Marume, Akinori Saijou, Kentaro Kudo, Toshiko Osada, Hideshi Miura, Metachronal wave of artificial cilia array actuated by applied magnetic field, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 55, 2016.05.
3. Fujio TSUMORI, Akinori SAIJOU, Toshiko Osada, Hideshi Miura, Development of actuation system for artificial cilia with magnetic elastomer, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 54, 6S1, 2015.05.
4. Fujio TSUMORI, Yuki TANAKA, XU YANG, Toshiko Osada, Hideshi Miura, Development of improved solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte sheet by microimprinting for layered material, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 53, 2014.05.
5. Yang Xu, Fujio Tsumori, Hung-Goo Kang, Hideshi Miura, Fabricatino of Micro Patterned Ceramic Structure by Imprinting Process, Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 58, 11, 673-678, 2011.11.
6. Yang Xu, Fujio Tsumori, Takuya Toyooka, Hidetoshi Kotera and Hideshi Miura , Effects of Resist Thickness and Viscoelasticity on the Cavity Filling Capability in Bilayer Thermal Embossing, Japan Journal of Applied Physics, 50, 06GK11, 2011.06.
7. Fujio Tsumori, Hideki Kume, Atsushi Kakitsuji, Hiroki Miyamoto and Susumu Shima, Semi-solid Mold Isostatic Compaction, International Journal of Powder Metallurgy, Vol.39-8, pp46-51, 2003.01.
8. Fujio Tsumori and Tatsuhiko Aizawa, Macro-micro Modeling for Coupled Elasto-creep and Thermal Analyses under Sintering, Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol 285, pp357-362, 2000.06.
1. Seiji AZUKIZAWA, Fujio TSUMORI, Hayato SHINODA, Kazuki TOKUMARU, Kentaro KUDO, Shinagawa Kazunari, Development of printing system for magnetically anisotropic actuator
, Micro TAS 2017, 2017.10.24.
2. XU YANG, TSUMORI Fujio, HASHIMOTO Seiya, TAKAHASHI Masashi, KANG HYUNGOO, Osada Toshiko, Miura Hideshi, Improvement of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell by Imprinted Patterns on Electrolyte, IEEE-NEMS2013, 2013.04.08.
3. TSUMORI Fujio, HATAMA Kenji, KANG HYUNGOO, Osada Toshiko, Miura Hideshi, Magneto-FEM analysis for Micro Actuator using Array of Magnetic Elements, IEEE-NEMS2013, 2013.04.09.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy
  • Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
  • The Japan Institute of Metals
  • New Ceramics Forum