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Taku Hiramatsu Last modified date:2017.05.26

Professor / Department of Business and Technology Management
Department of Business and Technology Management
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School
Administration Post

Academic Degree
Bachelor of Economics
Field of Specialization
Financial Management、International Finance
Outline Activities

Being engaged in the research for "business management from financial aspects", which is directly related to the 2 courses, "Financial Manangent" and "Management Control". "International finance" is also a long time research problem.
Also conducting researches and experiments to improve the efficiency of Business School education by participating in the Society for the study of Case Method and adopting Video Tapes and a Video game as supplements of materials of the Courses.

Participating in the activities of the "International Consortium of Asian Business Education" (ICABE) as a instructor for the student exchange program and as a special lecturer.
Positively receiving international exchange students through Business School's program and Japan in Today's World program to give lectures and supervise theses in English.

As an original member of the team "Short-term Executive Program", paticipated in the establishment of the program for the executives of companies and monicipal governments and has operated the program as the chief or as co-chief of the team.
Research Interests
  • Fintech and Local Bank in Japan
    keyword : Fintech, local Banl, banking, block chain, API connectivity, settlement, eco-system, Add-valeu of information
  • Financial Management Training with Computer Game (Capitalism II)
    keyword : Computer Game, Firms, Units and Buildings, Stoc and Finance, Marketing and Personnel Management
  • Relationship between "Corporate governance atacching weight to the corporate value for shareholders" and creation of new value
    keyword : Stuwardship code, corporate governance code, corporate value, stakeholders, employees, shareholders, ROE
  • Financial Aspects of the subsidiaries of Japanese companies in China and S.E. Asia.
    keyword : direct investment, cash flow, financial institutions, capital
  • Regional Financial and Economic Integration and Comapnies
    keyword : Regional Integration, Economic Integration,
  • "Case Method" as an Educational Measure in Business Schools
    keyword : Case, Issue, Decision Making, Teaching Method
  • Financial Crises and Corporate Financial Risk Management
    keyword : Financial Crises, Risk Management, Corporate Strategy
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Association for CFOs
  • Australian Studies Association of Japan
  • The Japan Society of Monetary Economics
Other Educational Activities
  • 2010.08, Held a meeting in August and December for business school students to explain the business game which is adopted for the financial management education..
  • 2009.08, Participated in the workshop of Richard Ivey School of Business "Teaching with cases"..
Professional and Outreach Activities
Participating in the activities of the "International Consortium of Asian Business Education" (ICABE) as a instructor for the student exchange program and as a special lecturer.
Being in charge of lectures in English for international exchange students received by the business school.
Coaching international students who participates in JTW program for their research papers.
As a member of government committee and municipal government comittee, contributing to making policy for the SME financing and the development of the Asian financial markets.
Contributing to the development of management capability of corporate executives in Kyushu through the palnning and operation of Short-term Executive Program..