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yasutaka iwashtia Last modified date:2016.10.20

Assistant Professor / Department of Physics
Department of Physics
Faculty of Sciences

Academic Degree
Doctoral degree in Engineering
Field of Specialization
Softmatter physics
Outline Activities
Study of nonequilibrium physics of softmatter. Education.
Research Interests
  • Softmatter physics
    keyword : softmatter
Academic Activities
1. yasutaka iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Spatial confinement governs orientational order in patchy particles, Scientific Reports, 6, 2016.06.
2. yasutaka iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Orientational order of one-patch colloidal particles in two dimensions, Soft Matter, 10, 7170, 2014.10.
3. yasutaka iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Stable cluster phase of Janus particles in two dimensions, Soft Matter, 9, 5, 2013.09.
4. Yasutaka Iwashita, Stephan Herminghaus, Ralf Seemann and Christian Bahr, Smectic membranes in aqueous environment, Physical Review E , 81, 051709, 2010.05.
5. Y. Iwashita, C. Bahr, C. Priest, S. Herminghaus and R. Seemann, Dynamic x-ray optics with microfluidics: stabilization of gas bubbles by surface ordering and freezing, La Houille Blanche, 6, 129, 2009.12.
6. Y. Iwashita and H. Tanaka, Pattern evolution of an edge-dislocation array in a lyotropic lamellar phase confined in a wedge-shaped cell: Defect formation, relaxation, and recombination, Physical Review E , 77, 041706, 2008.02.
7. Y. Iwashita and H. Tanaka, Spontaneous onion formation from planar lamellar nuclei, Physical Review Letters, 98, 145703, 2007.02.
8. Y. Iwashita and H. Tanaka, Surface-Assisted Monodomain Formation of an Ordered Phase of Soft Matter via a First-Order Phase Transition, Physical Review Letters, 95, 4, 047801, 2005.02.
9. Yasutaka Iwashita, Hajime Tanaka, Optical Manipulation of Defects in a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase, Physical Review Letters, 90, 4, 045501, 2003.02.
10. 岩下靖孝、田中肇, Self-organization in Phase Separation of a Lyotropic Liquid Crystal into Cellular, Network and Droplet Morphologies, Nature Materials, 5巻, 147ページ, 2007.04.
1. Yasutaka Iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Self-assembled structures of one-patch colloidal particles, 2015 International Conference of Colloids and Interface Science, 2015.07.22.
2. yasutaka iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Patterns of Janus colloidal particles in two dimensions, 9th Liquid Matter Conference, 2014.07.21.
3. Yasutaka Iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Layering transions in orientational order of one-patch colloidal particles, Physics of Structural and Dynamical Hierarchy in Soft Matter, 2015.03.17.
4. yasutaka iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Cluster structures of Janus colloidal particles controlled by tunable attractive interaction, International Soft Matter Conference 2013, 2013.09.18.
5. yasutaka iwashtia, Yasuyuki Kimura, Patterns in hexagonally close-packed Janus colloidal monolayer, International Soft Matter Conference 2013, 2013.09.16.
6. Focusing X-ray by dynamic compound refractive lenses in a microfluidic device.
7. Stability of a free-standing smectic film in water.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Colloid and Surface Chemistry Division of the Chemical Society of Japan
  • The physical society of Japan
Professional and Outreach Activities
Collaboration with Dr. Christian Bahr (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany).