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List of Presentations
Kosaku Kurata Last modified date:2017.07.27

Associate Professor / Thermal Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering / Faculty of Engineering

1. 王海東, 福永鷹信, 藏田耕作, 高松洋, H形センサによるCdSナノワイヤの熱電特性測定, 第54回日本伝熱シンポジウム, 2017.05.25.
2. Masahiro Yoshida, Shuto Yoshimatsu, Kosaku Kurata, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Effects of pulse repetition and interval on cell mortality by irreversible electroporation, The Fourth International Forum on Heat Transfer, 2016.11.04.
3. Haidong Wang, Kosaku Kurata, Takanobu Fukunaga, Koji Takahashi, Xing Zhang, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Effect of nanohole defect on the thermal conductivity of free-standing single-layer graphene, 11th Asian Thermophysical Properties Conference (ATPC 2016), 2016.10.03.
4. Soichi Nishimura, Haidong Wang, Kosaku Kurata, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Measurement of thermal conductivity of graphene by Raman method, The Eighth KAIST-Kyushu University Joint Workshop, 2016.09.22.
5. Shuto Yoshimatsu, Masahiro Yoshida, Kosaku Kurata, Takanobu Fukunaga, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Development of comb-shaped miniature electrode for contact irreversible electroporation, The 27th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena (ISTP27), 2016.09.20.
6. Kosaku Kurata, Development of a rotary bending device for 3D cell culture, 2nd Bone and Biomaterials Workshop, 2016.08.07.
7. Kosaku Kurata, Atsushi Kurogawa, Takanobu Fukunaga, Haidong Wang, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Quantitative assessment of intracellular delivery of membrane-impermeable macromolecules using cell deformation, SB3C2016 (Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference 2016), 2016.07.02.
8. Mohammed M Shurrab, Haidong Wang, Takanobu Fukunaga, Kosaku Kruata, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Can we use apparent thermal conductivity to include the effect to blood perfusion? An attempt to predict frozen region during cryosurgery, SB3C2016 (Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference 2016), 2016.07.01.
9. シュラブ・ムハメド,王海東,福永鷹信,藏田耕作,高松洋, 凍結手術における凍結領域の予測;血流の影響を考慮したみかけの熱伝導率利用の試み, 第53回日本伝熱シンポジウム, 2016.05.25.
10. 王海東,福永鷹信,藏田耕作,高松洋, T形センサによるグラフェンの熱伝導率測定, 第53回日本伝熱シンポジウム, 2016.05.25.
11. Haidong Wang, Kosuke Hisada, Kosaku Kurata, Takanobu Fukunaga, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Feasibility of using Micro-Beam Sensor for Gas Detection; Size Effect on Heat Conduction to Gases, The First Pacific-Rim Thermal Engineering Conference (PRTEC2016), 2016.03.17.
12. Kosaku Kurata, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Numerical and Experimental Study on Nonthermal Tissue Ablation using Irreversible Electroporation, The First Pacific-Rim Thermal Engineering Conference (PRTEC2016), 2016.03.16.
13. Kosaku Kurata, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Irreversible Electroporation: Medical Application of Intense Electric Pulses for Sustainable Health, ICE-SEAM 2015, 2015.11.11.
14. Kosaku Kurata, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Contact Irreversible Electroporation for a Less-Invasive Tissue Ablation, Twelfth International Conference on Flow Dynamics, 2015.10.29.
15. Kosaku Kurata, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Interstitial Fluid Flow within the acunar–Canalicular System of the Mouse Femur Induced by Whole-body Vibration, Twelfth International Conference on Flow Dynamics, 2015.10.28.
16. Kosaku Kurata, Manabu Sato, Takanobu Fukunaga, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Feasibility Study on Contact Irreversible Electroporation for Superficial Tumor Treatment by Using Miniature Electrodes, Eighth Asian Pacific Conference on Biomechanics, 2015.09.18.
17. Takanobu Fukunaga, Hiroto Kubo, Kosaku Kurata, Hideto Hirahara, Haidong Wang, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Effect of gap-junctional cell-to-cell communication on intracellular ice propagation and consequent cell viability, The 24th IIR International congress of refrigeration, 2015.08.21.
18. 久保 範朗, 内田 悟, 福永 鷹信, 藏田 耕作, 高松 洋, Simulation of freezing around a cryoprobe; a guide to determine the margin of ice ball, 第39回日本低温医学会総会, 2012.11.22.
19. Yuki Tanaka, Takanobu Fukunaga, Kosaku Kurata, Koji Takahashi, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Fabrication of a micro-beam MEMS sensor for measurement of thermal conductivity of fluids, 18th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties, 2012.06.28.