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OCHIAI HIROYUKI Last modified date:2016.08.24

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Changed into new address on Feb 20, 2014 .
Academic Degree
Ph.D(Math. Sci.)
Field of Specialization
Algebraic Analysis
Outline Activities
Research interest is Algebraic Analysis, Representation Theory and Special Functions. I give courses on these topics as well as undergraduate linear algebra, complex variables, and differential equations for undergraduate and those for graduate students.
Research Interests
  • Representation theory of real reductive Lie groups
    keyword : Algebraic Analysis
Academic Activities
1. Hiroyuki Ochiai, Ken Anjyo, Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis II, Springer-Verlag.
2. Ken Anjyo, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis I, Springer-Verlag, 2014.08.
3. Ken Anjyo, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Mathematical Basics of Motion and Deformation in Computer Graphics, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, doi:10.2200/S00599ED1V01Y201409CGR017, 2014.10, [URL].
1. 落合 啓之, Dominic Lanphier, Howard Skogman, Values of twisted tensor L-functions of automorphic forms over imaginary quadratic fields, Canadian J. Math., 66, 5, 2014.04.
2. 落合 啓之, Non-commutative harmonic oscillators, Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations, 2013.05.
3. 落合 啓之, Zunderiya Uuganbayar, A generalized hypergeometric system, J. Math. Sci. Univ. Tokyo, 20, 2, 2013.06.
4. 落合 啓之, He Xuhua, Nishiyama Kyo, Oshima Yoshiki, On orbits in double flag varieties for symmetric pairs, Transformation Groups, 18, 4, 2013.06.
5. Kyo Nishiyama and Hiroyuki Ochiai, Double flag varieties for a symmetric pair and finiteness of orbits, Journal of Lie Theory, 21, 79--99, 2011.01.
6. Nobushige Kurokawa and Hiroyuki Ochiai, Zeta functions and Casimir energies on infinite symmetric groups II, Casimir Force, Casimir operators and Riemann hypothesis, 57--63, de Gruyter, 2010.12.
7. Kentaro Ihara and Hiroyuki Ochiai,, Symmetry on linear relations for multiple zeta values,, Nagoya Mathematical Journal, 189, 49--62, 2008.05.
8. 落合啓之, A special value of the spectral zeta function of
the non-commutative harmonic oscillators, The Ramanujan Journal, {\bf 15} (2008) 31--36, 2008.01.
1. 落合 啓之, Covariant differential operators and Heckman–Opdam hypergeometric systems, Analytic Representation Theory of Lie Groups, 2015.07.02.
2. 落合 啓之, Computer graphics and mathematics, Computational and Geometric Approaches for Nonlinear Phenomena, 2015.08.05.
3. Ken Anjyo, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Mathematical basics of motion and deformation in computer graphics, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2014.08.12.
4. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Double flag variety for a symmetric pair and finiteness of orbits, Representation Theory of Chevalley Groups and Related Topics, 2012.03.15.
5. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Positivity of alpha determinant, Geometrci Analysis on Euclidean Homogeneous Spaces, 2012.01.08.
6. , [URL].
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8. 12/14 と 12/16 の2コマの連続講演.
9. An algebraic transformation of Gauss hypergeometric function.
10. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Positivity of an alpha determinant, Analysis, Geometry and Group Representations for Homogeneous Spaces, 2010.11.25.
11. OCHIAI HIROYUKI, Invariant hyperfunctions on some semisimple symmetric space, International conference on representation theory and harmonic analysis, 2010.06.08.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Mathematical Society
  • On the study of mathematical models of computer graphics