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List of Books
Satoquo SEINO Last modified date:2018.08.08

Associate Professor / Faculty of Engineering

1. Satoquo SEINO, Naoya FURUTA, "Ecosystem-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Adaptation in Practice",
In Renaud, F.G., Sudmeier-Rieux, K., Estrella, M., Nehren, U. (eds.)

Naoya Furuta and Satoquo Seino
"Progress and Gaps in Eco-DRR Policy and Implementation After the Great East Japan Earthquake.",, pp.295-313.(2016) 
, Springer, 2016.05.
2. Satoquo SEINO, Water Resources in Japan from the Perspective of “Water for the Ocean”
in "Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change to Tourism"
, International Institute for Peace trough Tourism, 2011.10.